PlayStation hit the Guinness Book of Records with 450 million consoles sold

Sony Corporation Responsible forthe release of the PlayStation series of game consoles received a well-deserved award, having hit the Guinness Book of Records, in terms of the best-selling home game console with an indicator of 450 million devices.

For 25 years, the corporation has developed, launched inmass production and organized the sale of four series of game consoles: PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and PS4, the sale of which to date has amounted to 450 million 190 thousand units.

The first PlayStation model introducedusers in December 1994, and after 6 years the upgraded PSone model was released. The sale of the first series amounted to 102 million 490 thousand devices. At the turn of the millennium, in 2000 PlayStation 2 entered the market, which lasted about 13 years and sold in the amount of 155.1 million units, which became an absolute record for the game console ever released to the market.

The next generation PS3 (2006-2015) waspurchased in the amount of 87 million units, and now the current PS4 model, which hit the market in 2013, was purchased in the amount of 102.8 million units. The very next Christmas, PlayStation fans will receive the fifth version of the popular console.

Sony Corporation itself last year notedsale of 500 million units of PlayStation series game consoles. However, the Japanese company included sales of mobile versions of PSP consoles in the amount of 71.4 million units and PS Vita sales of which amounted to 8.8 million units.