PlayStation 5 - official announcement from Sony

Sony game consoleexpected by fans of console games, finally gained an official name, and it will be expected to be called PlayStation 5. For 25 years after the first model was released, Sony has never changed its tradition and assigned its consoles simple serial numbers, without the sounding consoles “Super” or “Max” .

CEO Sony InteractiveEntertainment Jim Ryan, who announced the official news on the PlayStation 5, confirmed that the game console will support hardware ray tracing technology, a method that allows you to create complex lighting and sound effects in a three-dimensional game world.

Significant update has undergone interfacePlayStation 5, as well as an updated system for installing games. From now on, players can flexibly approach the installation of the game and select the necessary blocks without downloading the application completely. The player was able to establish separately a single, storyline company, separately a multiplayer mission or the entire game. In the console’s interface, a lot of information messages have been added demonstrating the progress of the user in the game world, available for the mission, as well as the activity of friends in the multiplayer.

Improve the game process by making it morerealistic and the new controller, which has not yet received a name, but most likely by tradition Sony will be called - DualShock 5. Adding a function such as “adaptive triggers” will allow the player to feel the various processes taking place with the hero. So by the force of pressing the main buttons, the voltage at the archer will increase when the bowstring is pulled, and machine gun shooting will fundamentally differ in tactile sensations from shooting from a shotgun. When moving an avatar in different terrain, the user will “feel” the viscous, slippery or loose soil under the feet of a computer hero.

The hardware will undergo significant improvements.PlayStation 5. In particular, a solid-state drive SSD will be used, which will provide high efficiency and almost instant download of the installed game. As removable media will be used drives with a capacity of 100 GB, and the optical drive can play Blu-ray 4K video. The release of the PlayStation 5 console is scheduled for the end of 2020.

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