PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X price forecasts released (3 photos)

The attention of bloggers and experts throughoutnext year will be involved in the release of the community of gamers expected by the gamers PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Along with an analysis of the performance and design of new devices, specialists are interested in pricing policies of Sony and Microsoft. An analyst at Niko Partners has put forward the earliest version of pricing for future gaming consoles, based on an assessment of the cost of components.

The main message of the expert is thatThe maximum minimum price for consoles cannot be lower than $ 400. At the same time, the analyst was based on the characteristics of consoles already announced by companies and the cost of components corresponding to these indicators: CPU / GPU, GDDR6 memory and NVMe SSDs, which will cost more than half the minimum price. According to the expert, the price of consoles will be above $ 400, otherwise the manufacturer will trade them at a loss.

Sony previously used the below cost when selling the PlayStation 4, but now this marketing move is unlikely to be used. He also said that low prices for consoles are possible in case of compensation due to the active promotion of sales of paid subscriptions, services and games.

Regarding the Xbox Series X. The expert said. That the price of parts and production costs will lead to costs ranging from $ 460 to $ 520. At the same time, he notes that this is an early assessment and the market situation remaining before the start of official sales can dramatically change.