Playpulse ONE exercise bike integrated with game console (2 photos + video)

Combining game content and sports inhome conditions became available with the appearance on the market of the Playpulse ONE fitness trainer, created by Norwegian engineers. Exercise will cease to be boring and monotonous, as the speed of movement in games will depend on the intensity of user activity, as well as the ability to watch streaming video on popular services YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, HBO and others.

Work on creating a unique exercise bike withKristoffer Hagen, one of the co-founders of Playpulse, started his computer science dissertation at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in 2015 with an integrated gaming computer. Later, he was joined by one of the former leading Microsoft developers Stian Veye and businessman Erling Magnus. Currently, the company's website is placing pre-orders for the start of production of the first device that combines physical exercise and fun while playing your favorite game or watching videos from the Internet.

The Playpulse ONE is equipped with a high-precisionthe sensor of the intensity of rotation of the pedal, combining sports with the gameplay. A steering wheel with game controllers and heart rate sensors links computer games to exercise performance. With a 24 '' multi-touch computer and dedicated graphics card, ONE can run 3D games or even online multiplayer apps for real social workouts.

Playpulse ONE offers a library of video games,entertainment and fitness content. Users can watch their favorite shows on the Internet as long as they pedal (this mode of combining workout and monitor operation can be turned off). Fitness fans will have access to the Playpulse studio, which develops special training programs with game elements.

Exercise bike specificationsallow you to view video content on a 24-inch touchscreen display and run modern games. The Playpulse ONE is designed for users weighing less than 120 kg and height ranging from 135 cm to 195 cm (all systems are adjustable and spring loaded for ease of setup).

Installed on a steel frame of the exercise bikeConvenient magnetic bottle holder, and the user will not be distracted from the thirst quenching training game. The Playpulse ONE has a smartphone tray with a special anti-slip coating.

The hardware of the exercise bike works onprocessor Intel I5-9400F, has 8 GB of RAM and a discrete graphics card with 2 GB of video memory, as well as a 512 GB SSD drive. Wireless communication is provided by Wi-Fi and Ethernet modules (100 Mbps). Today, you can pre-order an exercise bike with a 40% discount for $ 1,200. The Playpulse ONE will retail for $ 1999 (comes bundled with four special games). Access to the game library is free for the first 6 months, and then you need to subscribe for $ 20 per month.

Source: playpulse