Playdate funny pocket organ appeared (7 photos)

In the world of portable game consoles appearedUnusual Playdate device developed by Panic. The prefix is ​​something like a Game Boy, however, the developer, who became famous for the Firewatch game released in 2016, plans to independently develop his own games for the Playdate console.

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Game mini console got a black and white screenwith a diagonal of 2.7 inches and a resolution of 400 × 420 pixels without illumination. The controls are standard for this type of device: a cross, buttons A and B, as well as an original crank, resembling a barrel organ, designed for a limited number of specially designed games.

Panic will ship games for console batchmethod by seasons. In the first game there will be 12 games, their players will receive one by one every week. The developers have promised to deliver games of various genres. In the first game of Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, created by Japanese author Katamari Damacy, it just takes a new control in order for the character to wind back time to overcome obstacles.

In the sale of Playdate will begin to arrive in 2020 at a price of 149 dollars. While pre-orders are not accepted, but you can issue a news subscription about the project.

About those games. We've reached out to some people like @KeitaTakahash, @bfod, @helvetica, @shauninman, and many more.

Here's a peek at one: Crankin's Time Travel Adventure, from Keita. It's fun and funny.

- Playdate (@playdate) May 22, 2019