Pixel Shift DSLR technology rolls out to Vivo X60 series smartphones (video)

Smartphones that debuted in China last yearVivo X60, X60 Pro and Vivo X60 Pro + are presented in a global version this week, and the announcement of new products in Europe is scheduled for March 26, when the prices for the devices will be announced. The global modifications of the Vivo X60 series smartphones are radically different from the Chinese base model and received not only hardware changes, but also new technologies.

The main change, in addition to the complete refusal tothe global version from Samsung's Exynos 1080 processors in favor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, has affected the software of the photography process. The international modification of the Vivo X60 series is entering the market with support for Pixel Shift technology, which was previously used in DSLR cameras, but is used for the first time in smartphones.

The main purpose of Pixel Shift technology isin improving the quality of the image by shifting one pixel, necessary to obtain complete information about the color of the pixel. Traditional technology is to shift the sensor one pixel in different directions (up, down, right and left) with four shots to interpolate the color of the pixels.

However, in the Vivo X60, the developers suggesteduse a unique suspension system to move the sensor. The advantage of this innovation is increased accuracy. The X60 series smartphones will shoot 8 RAW images, pick the best one, and use information from the other 7 images to fill in the gaps in pixel color shaping.

Pixel Shift technology will be implemented in allthree global versions of Vivo X60 smartphones. It is already known that the international models of smartphones Vivo X60 and X60 Pro received a hardware platform based on Snapdragon 870, and the flagship Vivo X60 Pro + is likely to receive a Snapdragon 888 processor.