Pixel 4 XL Smartphone Fails Strength Test (Video)

Modern mobile devices must havehigh strength characteristics designed to ensure long and active use. In this regard, enthusiasts are constantly conducting exotic tests to check the viability of smartphones when exposed to mechanical stress. The new Pixel 4 XL, which was subjected to extensive testing by blogger Zach Nielson, did not escape this fate.

When determining the stability of tempered glass,with which the front and back sides are covered, to the effect of sharp objects, the blogger determined that scratches on the surface are formed, as well as on all modern devices. The metal frame of the case is covered with tinting paint, which is easily removed with sharp objects, and light aluminum will appear through the scratches. Moreover, the expert determined that the volume rocker is made of metal, and the power button is made of plastic.

The most dramatic was the testsmartphone to bend. When bending the case to the side opposite to the screen, the device withstood the load. However, when bending towards the monitor, three consecutive body breaks occurred: the first, as expected, occurred in the area where the large module of cameras was located, and the remaining breaks were in the locations of the antennas, which created the voltage concentration. The presence of problems with the strength of the case in an expensive model somewhat discouraged the testing blogger.