Piloted Octocopters compete in races

With loud statements recently made youngbut very ambitious company from Australia Alauda. The team of its engineers has developed and produced several large prototypes of Octocopter. They have even been tested in flight without pilots in a practically uninhabited area of ​​the country. Supporting videotapes of extreme flights have already been published on YouTube.

Having completed testing, developers are planningto enter the world market by demonstrating flights at the speed festival expected in the British Goodwood. After that, until the end of the year, manned flights will take place. However, all this is just a preparation for the air races planned for next year.

The final version of the flying racingdevices will have a length of more than 4 meters, width - about 3.5 meters. The hull will be streamlined, similar to Formula 1 race cars of the middle of the last century. Inside the development will provide a huge lithium-polymer batteries with a capacity of 500 kW. Without a pilot on board, the drone will weigh approximately 230 kilograms. Different models will have 4 or 8 screws.

Upcoming competitions thoroughly thought out. The organizers will arrange a single "races" at the time. There will be fan-loved races 20 meters above the surface. Sounds a little crazy. But, according to the authors of the project, thanks to this event, the development of consumer aerial manned vehicles will be accelerated. Experts suggest that with the introduction of such powerful technologies, "Formula 1" will seem incredibly boring to many ...