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Physicists have found evidence of the existence of another force of nature

Everything in our universe works in interactionamong themselves, four fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetism, gravity and two types of nuclear interactions. Despite the fact that the presence of the four main forces has long been proven, the possible presence of the fifth has long been disputed by physicists. At the same time, Attila Krasnakhorkai and his colleagues from the Institute for Nuclear Research in Hungary came to the conclusion that the action of the fifth physical force can be seen in the study of the helium atom.

Helium atom can reveal the secret of the origin of the fifth fundamental force of the universe

The Fifth Fundamental Force of the Universe

Particle X17 is a mysterious particle thatscientists were able to see the decay of the beryllium isotope. When in 2016 a team of Hungarian physicists was able to consider the light emanating from a decaying metal particle, the electrons and positrons of the detected radiation began to repulse from each other at a certain angle before completely disappearing. According to, the law of conservation of energy requires reducing the angle between the particles of light. However, what Attila Krasnakhorkai and his team saw could allow scientists to finally deal with the problem of dark matter. So, the number of electrons and positrons of beryllium unexpectedly increased, while being divided at an angle of 140 degrees. According to scientists, an unexpected anomaly may indicate the existence of a fundamental boson of a new species, which cannot be representative of one of the four already known forces. One of the main evidence may be its distinctive mass, which is approximately 17 mega-electric volts, which is approximately 33 times the mass of the electron. In addition, the new boson has an extremely low life expectancy, existing only about a couple of seconds.

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In order to confirm or refute yourtheory, Hungarian researchers decided to repeat their experiment, but already when interacting with the helium core. Like the previous discovery, several special pairs of electrons and positrons were also found in the helium nucleus, separated at an angle that did not correspond to the currently accepted standards. So, this time the result was approaching 115 degrees. Continuing the observations, the team calculated that the helium core could produce a short-lived boson with a mass of approximately 17 megaelectron-volts. It was decided to call the found hypothetical particle X17, and its possible existence hints at the presence of an as yet unexplored force, which acts quite differently from the traditional four.

Finding the fifth fundamental particle could help in detecting dark matter.

As you know, one of the greatest mysteriesthe present is the possible existence of the so-called dark matter, the presence of which could explain the many inconsistencies present in modern astrophysics. The discovery of a new fundamental particle could indicate a way to solve this riddle, linking together the matter that we see with matter, which for some reason is hiding from us.