Physicists have discovered a new state of matter

New discovery of scientists from Brown University(USA) during research conducted jointly with Chinese partners, refers to a new state of Cooper pairs of electrons (quasiparticles of 2 interacting according to the quantum theory of electrons), the existence of which was previously considered impossible. This state leads to the fact that superconducting substances exhibit some signs of the conductivity of ordinary metals. This effect cannot be explained by modern quantum physics, and the obtained experimental data are still waiting for their theoretical substantiation.

Cooper pairs of electrons characterize a specialthe state of matter when particles combine in pairs and begin to exhibit the properties of the so-called bosons. This property allows Cooper pairs to reduce the electrical resistance of the material to zero, exhibiting the effect of superconductivity. However, a second state of Cooper pairs is also possible, manifesting themselves as an almost perfect insulator.
Thus, it was previously believed that existenceCooper pairs are possible only in superconductivity or in the form of an insulator. However, scientists from the United States and China during experiments with high-temperature superconductors revealed signs of Cooper pairs that conduct electricity in portions, but similarly to ordinary electrons.

Consequently, the Cooper couples showed themselves andnot as an insulator and not as a superconductor. This behavior is most consistent with the traditional passage of electricity at normal temperature. A new state of matter is still awaiting a name and theoretical awareness.

Source: phys