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Physicists believe that parallel universes exist and soon this can be proved

Have you ever found yourself thinking thatdo you exist in a parallel universe and everything is different there? I often think about this, but here it is necessary to take into account the number of sci-fi films and TV shows I have watched. However, such thoughts, when scientists, rather than ordinary people, indulge in them, can tell a lot about how our Universe works. So, one of the last scientific works of the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was devoted to parallel universes and methods by which one can prove to disprove their existence. But even if parallel universes exist, what are they?

Who knows what you are doing in the parallel universe

What do physicists think of parallel universes?

As Themindunlished, theoretical physicist Sean Carroll suggested that the small-scale structure of the universe indicates the existence of many parallel worlds. Shocking comments were made on the Jeff Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast last year. Carroll says that the fact that tiny particles, such as electrons and photons, do not have one given location in the universe, suggests that there are many parallel universes.

It should be noted that quantum physics is somethingwhat the human imagination does very poorly. For this reason, many pseudoscientists and all kinds of gurus love to mix a couple of words about quantum physics into their own ideas about the Universe. They proudly declare this at seminars and write posts on social networks. As the saying goes, if you do not understand what is happening, start talking about quantum physics. So you need to be very careful and be able to distinguish speculative statements from statements of real scientists.

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The theory of the immortal universe is widespread among representatives of the scientific community

In a recently published article on the secrets of the world, wediscussed quantum physics - the dance of electrons around the nucleus of atoms. This once again confirms what we already knew - at the quantum level, everything is really different. Just think about it - the empty vacuum of space is filled with tiny particles that constantly appear and disappear. Moreover, Bell's theorem — a fundamental construction in quantum mechanics — can prove the existence of multiverses. This theorem deals with situations where particles interact with each other, become entangled, and then diverge in different directions. Of course, there are still equations, laws of physics, and laws that must be obeyed, but Carroll does not exclude the possibility that some alternative worlds may indeed exist.

In the past, Carroll has put forward several groundbreaking,but conflicting theories about the nature of time and the Big Bang. According to one of his hypotheses, the Universe did not arise as a result of a gigantic explosion, but is an infinitely ancient, constantly expanding Universe, in which time can flow both forward and backward. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Carroll also believes that quantum physics is not just an approximation to the truth. Now scientists are confronted with the secrets of dark matter and dark energy, and given the fact that not everything is consistent with Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, it is time to address our understanding of the quantum world.

Parallel worlds can be very different from ours, but most likely they have the same laws of physics

In 2011, physicist Brian Green wrote a book underThe title is “Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of Cosmos.” In it, the British physicist and popularizer of science writes that scientists cannot avoid having any version of the multiverse in their studies. Many physicists are thinking about a particular version of the theory of a parallel universe. If all this is complete nonsense, then this is a waste of time and energy. But if this idea is true, then this is a truly fantastic revolution in our understanding of the world and the Universe.

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Stephen Hawking also suggested that thanksto quantum mechanics, the Big Bang gave us an infinite number of universes, not just one. To try to prove the presence or absence of parallel worlds, Hawking, co-authored with Thomas Hertog of the University of Leuven, Belgium, suggested that if the multiverse exists, it should have left a trace in the relict radiation. A probe with a special detector, which Hawking and Hertog offer to send into space, will be able to detect it. Read more about this amazing mission in our special material.

So it is possible that Green, Carroll, Hawking andHerthog is right. Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee recently announced their desire to find out whether multiverse or mirror images exist of our own reality. The New Scientist writes about this, so we are waiting for further details and hope that they will succeed soon!