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Photos of things that will soon become very rare and expensive

The harsh truth of life is thatNothing in our world is permanent. Whatever masterpiece a person creates, sooner or later this creation will turn into nothing. Perhaps, after thousands of years, things will be found by archaeologists of the future, but even this cannot be a guarantee of their eternal existence. Indeed, according to scientists, in 5 billion years the Sun will become hundreds of times larger and will destroy all the nearest planets. Then even the strongest bunker in the world will not save works of art. In the framework of this article, we invite you to take a look at things that will remain on Earth in a single copy in the near future. Some are in danger of disappearing completely now. Yes, most likely, collectors would like to see such rarities in their huge cabinets.

Some things will soon become rare and gain great value.


  • 1 Handmade globes
  • 2 Newspapers with handwritten text
  • 3 Handmade scissors
  • 4 Rare fabric "sea silk"
  • 5 Car with built-in cinema

Handmade globes

When was the last time you used papermaps and globes? It must have been decades ago, because now there are applications that can show not only the location of countries and cities, but also indicate which door to enter a store or other building from. Moreover, using the Google Earth service, you can see how the planet Earth has changed over the decades - here is the instruction.

Is there a globe in your room? Most likely, many have already forgotten what it is

But before such amenities did not exist, andmany people in the rooms were globes. Particularly highly valued models of the Earth, made by hand. Today, companies that produce handmade globes can be counted on the fingers. One of them is the British firm Bellerby & Co. Globemakers.

The process of making a handmade globe

One of the employees of Bellerby & Co. Globemakers among the globes

Since manually creating globes takes a lot oftime, such products are expensive, prices start at $ 1,500 (about 100,000 rubles!). There are also few people who are willing to pay that kind of money. Therefore, in the future, these companies may be closed, and handmade globes will become a rarity.

Most company globes are large

Every detail on the globe has to be drawn by hand

Millions of places from Google maps never existed. How did it happen?

Newspapers with handwritten text

As well as paper maps and globes, newspapersToday they have almost completely lost their popularity. Even older people find it easier to follow the news on TV - some have already learned how to use smartphones and learn everything new through them.

However, in India some people still readnewspapers. Moreover, the popular edition of Musalman is still handwritten. Specially trained people with good handwriting carefully compose each issue, after which the original is sent to the printer to make copies. This work requires perseverance and attentiveness, because due to any mistake, the text will have to be written again.

The process of writing a new edition of the Musalman newspaper

The editorial staff of the Musalman newspaper must always be in maximum concentration

Musalman newspaper still has over 20 subscribersthousands of people. But television and smartphones may soon take over the outdated way of consuming information, and the newspaper may cease to exist. Published issues can become a rarity and begin to be highly valued - after all, we are talking about the world's last newspaper created by manual labor.

Ready edition of Musalman newspaper

Man reading Musalman newspaper

Handmade scissors

Founded in 1902 by Ernest Wright andSon Limited is the world's latest manufacturer of handmade scissors. Founder Ernest Wright and his sons make pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, as you can see from the photos below. They are of the highest quality and are much appreciated by tailors, hairdressers and other professionals.

Ernest Wright and Son Limited manufactures the most beautiful scissors in the world.

Handmade scissors have different shapes and sizes

In 2014, the company was on the verge of closing,because there are catastrophically few buyers of unique scissors. The situation was corrected by director Sean Bloodworth, who showed the process of making scissors and made the company a good advertisement. Now the company is receiving orders again, but, as we know, nothing lasts forever - in a few decades or earlier, the company still risks closing. Scissors made by English craftsmen will certainly become a rarity.

Handmade scissors highly valued by professionals

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Rare fabric "sea silk"

Modern silk is made from threadsextracted from the silkworm. But in ancient times there was another type of silk, which was highly valued in ancient Egypt and Greece - we are talking about "sea silk". After being treated with lemon juice and spices, this material began to glow in the sun, which was considered a very beautiful effect. At the same time, he was light and thin, that people might not even notice his touch.

The extraordinary beauty of "sea silk"

Fancy silk is made from stickysecretions of mollusks - the art of such spinning is called "fine linen". To date, he is known only to one woman, a resident of Italy, Chiara Vigo. You can look at the amazing results of her work in the photos. Products made from this material are very expensive and are now considered a rarity.

Chiare Vigo at work

Raw materials for the manufacture of material a woman extracts herself

Sea silk is commonly used for embroidery

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Car with built-in cinema

Do you know that on our planet right nowleft in a single copy? This is a Bedford SB3 Mobile Cinema car, which was developed by the Ministry of Technology in England in 1960. There were seven such cars in total, and all of them were equipped with a built-in cinema. It is known that they were intended to show specialized films to engineers and industrial designers.

Bedford SB3 Mobile Cinema car

Cinema inside the Bedford SB3 bus

In 1974 Bedford SB3 Mobile Cinema carswere written off, except for one - he disappeared somewhere. It was found only in the 21st century in a very deplorable state. Fortunately, the car ended up in good hands and was successfully reconstructed. In 2015, a one-of-a-kind car was sold through eBay. The new owner is unlikely to want to part with such a rarity.

7 Once Existing Bedford SB3 Mobile Cinema

The only surviving Bedford SB3 Mobile Cinema sold on eBay

It is worth noting that things from the times of the USSR are also highly valued today. We talked about the most expensive things of the Soviet era in this material.