Photos of the real game console Steam Deck are shown (6 photos)

Valve's announced compact gamingThe Steam Deck console, after several transfers caused by the crisis in the computer components market, is finally approaching the start of sales, which is scheduled for February 2022. Preliminary data on the design of the expected prefix Valve, which should compete with the dominant console in this segment, the Nintendo Switch, surprised gamers somewhat. The game buttons in the Steam Deck are too close to the side edges of the device, and the joysticks are too high. Also, players can't wait to experience the possibilities of two touch panels located on both sides of the screen.

Valve interrupted the period last weeksilence and announced the exact date for the start of sales of the Steam Deck console, which is now defined as February 25th. True, the prefix will be available only for gamers who have placed a pre-order. Considering the upcoming release date for the new device, the company began sending out Steam Deck to experts and bloggers, who, in turn, have already rushed to show the first photos of the new product and compare the size of the console with similar gadgets from other manufacturers.

From photos posted on Twitter, you can makethe conclusion is that the Steam Deck will vastly outnumber its Sega Game Gear or Nintendo Switch rivals in terms of screen size. However, this advantage can be somewhat scary for people who prefer small, compact gadgets. How the market will react to the novelty from Valve, we will find out in a couple of weeks, when the first reviews of the actual practice of using the Steam Deck console appear.