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Photos and life story of a man with the largest hands in the world

Some people have become famousdue to its unique appearance. An example is Sultan Kesen and Sergey Ilyin - they are considered the tallest people in the modern world. Due to the peculiarities of the brain, a large amount of the growth hormone hormone was produced in their bodies, as a result of which their growth was more than two meters. However, in some cases, the human torso is of normal size, but individual parts are gigantic. One such person is Jeff Dabe, who has arms so huge that a basketball can easily fit in his palm. Giant hands could turn into the cause of serious complexes and shyness, but Jeff Dabe from childhood was only proud of his peculiarity and achieved great success.

Jeff Dabe has had huge hands since childhood

A man becomes a giant - what kind of disease is this

American Jeff Deib was born in 1963 in the stateMinnesota, and at the time of this writing, he is 59 years old. His hands were large from early childhood and caused alarm in his parents. Doctors could not say exactly what caused this phenomenon. When Jeff was 8 years old, his father and mother took him to the Mayo Clinic, one of the largest medical centers in the world.

Jeff Dabe as a child

The doctors had two versions: the first said that Jeff might have gigantism, the second that he was suffering from elephantiasis.

Gigantism is a disease in which the pituitary glandthe brain produces too much growth hormone somatotropin. Usually, with gigantism, the entire human body grows strongly. Sultan Kersen and Sergey Ilyin, mentioned at the beginning of the article, just suffered from gigantism, but then they underwent an operation and growth stopped.

The tallest man with gigantism is Robert Wadlow, whom we talked about in this article.

Elephantiasis (elephantiasis) is a condition in whichin which only certain parts of the body become large in a person. This disease is caused by the parasite Brugia malayi. Limbs or other parts of the body increase due to stagnation of lymph with the formation of edema - the skin and subcutaneous tissue of a person increases to a large size.

Brugia malayi parasite

Jeff Deib was not found to have gigantism,no elephantiasis. He is quite a healthy person who just has huge hands. The circumference of his forearm is 49 centimeters, which is more than that of the Soviet professional wrestler Ivan Poddubny (46 centimeters. Jeff Deib easily holds a basketball in his hands - in his palm it seems like a toy.

Jeff Deib is completely healthy, he has neither gigantism nor elephantiasis

A dollar bill in Jeff Deib's hands looks like a small piece of paper

Giants are not only humans. Some animals grow so big that it's hard to believe they exist. Here are the photos.

The man with the biggest hands

As a rule, tall people experience a lotproblems in life. But Jeff Deib assures that big hands never bothered him. The only thing that causes inconvenience is the inability to find suitable gloves, because the size he needs simply does not exist.

Jeff Deib with his wife Gina

Jeff Deib's hand compared to his wife's

Jeff Deib's engagement ring is also impressive

Thanks to his big hands, Jeff Dabe is strongexcelled in arm wrestling. He began to measure strength in high school, around the 1970s. As a teenager, he was able to defeat professional armwrestler Scott Norton (Scott Norton). The guy participated in many competitions, but in 1986 he broke his arm during the Over the Top tournament. After that, he retired from armwrestling for many years and worked for the construction company Carl Bolander & Sons Co.

Because of his huge hands, Jeff Deib was given the nickname "Popeye" in honor of the cartoon character.

Another comparison between Debe and Popeye

Jeff Deib only returned to the sport in 2012.His right arm never fully recovered, so he only uses his left arm in competition. Because of this, he cannot participate in international tournaments, but even in the USA he has something to strive for. In 2018 and 2019, he won the North American Armwrestling Championship. During the coronavirus pandemic, the man took a break, but is already back in the ranks. And this despite the fact that he will soon be 60 years old.

Not everyone can beat Jeff Deib

Arm wrestling with Jeff Deib

In addition to arm wrestling, Jeff is especially popularDeibu was brought by the TikTok service. In it, he sometimes shows his workouts and videos from tournaments, but most of all he likes to showcase his life on the farm. Judging by the tiktok, the armwrestler likes to take care of his miniature horses and keep a fish pond. He also modestly demonstrates the comparison of his palms with large things. So, a large and heavy bowling ball in the hands of Jeff Deib does not seem so big.

Video from Jeff Deib's tik tok

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