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# photo | What does an iceberg look like under water?

Many people do not pay attention to it, butIcebergs are amazingly beautiful natural sites. At its core, they are huge chunks of ice floating on oceans and seas that have broken away from glaciers. From the school curriculum, we already know that people see only 10% of the surface of icebergs, and the remaining 90% of the surface of ice floes are under water. Many people do not even imagine what the lower parts of the floating fragments of glaciers look like, but thanks to the work of photographer Tobias Friedrich, everyone can now see this beauty. It took the man more than 5 years to get rare shots, the work done was definitely worth it. One of the photos taken was highly praised by the judges of the annual Ocean Art contest.

Most icebergs are hidden under water

The story of the creation of a rare photograph wastold in The Wired. In 2012, the photographer went to the narrow sea bay of Tasilak, located in the southeast of Greenland. Unfortunately, the traveler found himself in these picturesque places in August, when icebergs were actively floating on the water. Of course, with such mobility of the ice, he did not take risks and swim under their multi-ton weight. He managed to catch the moment when the water in the bay was frozen and the icebergs did not move, he managed only in March 2019. It was then that he took hundreds of shots of the lower parts of the icebergs, similar to "giant golf balls."

Rare photos of icebergs

So, back in the frozen sea bayTasyilak, Tobias Friedrich and his assistant rode snowmobiles around the area for two weeks in order to find the most beautiful iceberg. During this period of time, they drilled dozens of ice holes in the ice and dive under the most interesting blocks of ice. In particular, they made one hole on the ice to enter and two at the foot of the icebergs to exit. The fact is that at any moment they might need the possibility of emergency ascent.

It looks like an iceberg under water

According to the photographer, the water temperature wasonly -3 degrees Celsius. Above, the photographer saw only ice cover in the form of frozen clouds, and below - a dark abyss. To protect himself from the cold, he put on warm clothes under a diving suit, but his face remained open. As a result, his lips were numb after five minutes, but he tried not to think about the murderous frost, nor about the thick ice cover preventing him from reaching the surface.

Being under an iceberg you cannot make even the smallest mistakes. You seem to be floating on the water and admiring a universe that is unlike anything, ”Tobias Friedrich shared his impressions.

He eventually managed to make hundredsphotos, but they are not in the public domain. But the best shot was liked by the jury of the 2019 Ocean Art contest, in which photos of the underwater world are evaluated. The work of other photographers, by the way, can be found on the official website of the contest.

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