# photo | The hot Mexican city of Guadalajara was covered with a half meter ice

The weather can sometimes be very surprising. Residents of the Mexican city of Guadalajara have experienced it. Last Sunday, in the midst of a hot summer, a monstrous hail fell on the city, covering the streets and roads with a 1.5-meter layer of ice. Fortunately, people in this natural cataclysm were not affected. But two dozen houses were littered with snow, and fifty cars were literally washed away by an icy stream. Traffic on most streets was blocked.

City in the ice

Even the big trucks that alsoturned out to be half buried under the snow rubble. Some residents had to use stairs to get to their cars. There were no reports of human victims, but two cases of hypothermia were reported.

What is interesting, before the start of this unexpectedstorm average temperature in the city was 31 degrees Celsius. According to the local governor Enrique Alfaro Ramire, the brunt of the elements fell on the south-western part of the city, where industrial areas are located. Melted city turned into a real river.

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For Mexico, such precipitation is rare. Many residents of Guadalajara saw such a natural phenomenon for the first time. The climate here is subtropical oceanic with hot, rainy summer.

To eliminate the consequences attracted the army and equipment.

What caused this natural phenomenon?

Rising streams raising high in the atmospherehumid air, carry with them particles of water. Above, the water freezes sharply and turns into a hail embryo. In the future, such embryos can grow to a considerable size due to the freezing of the supercooled droplets colliding with them, as well as freezing of hailstones between themselves. The stronger the upflows, the more hail is formed.

Most often hail happens in a warm period (the secondhalf of spring, early summer). At this time, closer to the ground, the air is already warming up, but above it still remains very cold. During this period of the year cumulonimbus clouds form, stretching very high into the atmosphere. They are the source of hail. These clouds appear when the air mass is unstable, when active upward air movement occurs.

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As Enrique Alfaro Ramire noted, after seeing a half-meter-high layer of hail, it is difficult not to believe in the history of global climate change on the planet.

Natural disasters in the world today

Woman bathes a dog in a fountain on a hot summer day in Brussels, Belgium

Mexico is not the only place thatmet with a weather cataclysm. Europe languishes from the heat. In many European countries, temperature records are observed. In France it is almost 46 degrees Celsius; in Germany - almost 40 degrees. Do not save even the snow resorts. For example, at a ski resort in Davos (Switzerland), the temperature was recorded at almost 30 degrees Celsius. In the Czech Republic, the temperature was 39 degrees. When it ends - no one knows.

Lesogorsk, Chunsky District, Irkutsk Region

Meanwhile, Russia is tackling the consequences.flooding in the Irkutsk region. According to the latest data, 18 people have already fallen victim to the disaster. Several thousand people were left without their homes. They just flooded. As noted on the website of the Irkutsk State University, atmospheric anomalies and global climate change have caused disastrous flooding. Heavy rains in the Irkutsk region led to the rise of the rivers. The water level in the rivers is much higher than the critical level.

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Satellite image of the effects of flooding in the Irkutsk region

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