# photo | The apparatus "Kyuriositi" drilled clay surface of Mars

The rover "Kyuriositi" furrows open spaces of the Redthe planet since 2012, and during that time helped the NASA space agency to make many scientific discoveries. Already after 100 days from the beginning of the mission, the apparatus proved that the planet consists of two parts, and the lower part can have a sufficiently large concentration of water. Most recently, on April 6, he drilled a hole in a small clay area and took soil samples to search for mineral particles. The space agency told how it all happened, and shared a photo.

The hole was pierced on a small rock undercalled "Aberlady" - she is in the crater of Gale. Researchers noted that this area was quite easy to drill, whereas when drilling the ridge of the Vera Rubin, the apparatus had problems due to the presence of hard stones. Making a hole "Curiosity" engaged during a stop when climbing Mount Eolid.

NASA researchers hope that the device will succeedfind minerals in clay, because their presence will prove the presence of liquid. In the end, the agency wants to find out details about the distant past of the planet, because it is believed that once it had an atmosphere a long time ago and streams flowed along it, the traces of which are visible in almost all the pictures.

Recall that drilling the surface of Mars onThe InSight probe is also involved. In early March, he successfully made a hole 18-50 centimeters deep, smashing stones with the help of active blows from a drilling rig. The results of this small study can be read in our material.

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