# photo | The apparatus "Kuriositi" filmed a solar eclipse on Mars

Solar eclipse is awesomea spectacle that can be seen not only on Earth, but also on other planets. The realization that this event looks different on each space object is very intriguing and inspiring to scientists - the difference is due to the fact that each planet has its own satellites of the most unusual shapes and sizes. For example, Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, which recently flew between the Red Planet and the Sun, creating its eclipse. The rover "Curiosity" was able to shoot this amazing picture.

Like people to safely look ateclipse, the rover took "goggles." Fortunately, his camera is equipped with special solar filters, so the device was able to capture impressive images without any problems.

The first series of shots was taken on March 17 - atThis day the eclipse was caused by the satellite Deimos. Against the backdrop of the Sun, it looked like a small dot, as its width hardly exceeds 2.3 kilometers. The shadow of Phobos was filmed on March 26 - this time a full-fledged annular eclipse was formed, since the width of the satellite is 11.5 kilometers.

These are not the first images of a solar eclipse.on Mars. They occur quite often, and each of them helps scientists study the eclectic orbits of Phobos and Deimos. According to the researcher Mark Lemmon, these orbits are constantly changing due to the gravitational attraction of Mars, so it is extremely interesting and important for them to monitor these changes.

The study of Mars is in full swing, so the newsabout him appear almost every day. For example, researchers recently discovered a likely source of methane on Mars — you can read about it in our material.

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