# photo | Tesla Model Y was first spotted on real roads.

Tesla Model Y electric crossoverpresented in March 2019, and since then almost nothing has been heard about it. Only employees of the company and some journalists had the honor of seeing it in reality, but recently it was also possible for ordinary people - the car was spotted on real California roads. The company Chargepoint, which owns charging stations for electric cars, shared a photo of a car that had not yet been mass-produced and sold.

Where exactly the picture was taken is not clear, butedition Electrek believes that the car was on one of the roads of the California city of San Jose. The photo was taken by one of the employees of the Chargepoint station, so it is assumed that the car went to charge its battery.

The owner of the gas station shared anothera photo on which the Tesla Model S is featured. It is equipped with a camera attachment installation - most likely, Ilona Mask was involved in shooting the Tesla Model Y commercial. that the manufacturer is going according to plan.

Recall that the start of sales of Tesla Model Y is appointedat the end of 2020. It is designed on the basis of Tesla Model 3, but may well overtake him in popularity. The reason for this is the love of the majority of US residents for more spacious cars than regular sedans - if desired, and the availability of money, 7 seats can be installed in the novelty at once.

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