# photo of the day | Very rare photograph of the far side of the moon against the backdrop of the earth.

In January 2019, a historic event happened.- Chinese probe "Chang'e-4" successfully sat on the far side of the moon, made stunning panoramas and even slightly studied its surface. This mission would not have been possible if it had not been for the operation of the Lunjiang-2 satellite - since the probe did not have direct communication with the Earth, the data transmission was carried out through this satellite. It is noteworthy that in addition to relaying signals, it performs other tasks. For example, makes stunning pictures of the moon next to the Earth.

One of the best photos was takenmost recently, February 3. It was transmitted to the Dvingeloo radio telescope located in the Netherlands, which, despite its decent age, is still used by the Chinese space control CNSA. It is noteworthy that the Chinese administration did not publish photos - the staff of the observatory did it. They uploaded the photo and edited it to make it look more natural.

In their blog, experts also publishedEnlarged version of the snapshot. On it they indicated the names of twelve known craters. On the Dwingeloo telescope twitter, the original photo was published without processing in a graphic editor.

Remarkably, this is not the first snapshot of this.sort of - back in 2015, the NASA Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) captured the moment of the Moon’s passage against the background of the Earth. The photo "Lunjiang-2" seems to be of higher quality and believable. This is an excellent result for the device, the width of which does not exceed 50 centimeters. His microcamera was created in Saudi Arabia.

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