# photo of the day | Jupiter's incredible thunderclouds

Spacecraft "Juno" AmericanNASA space agency sent to Earth a bewitching picture of Jupiter's thunderclouds, taken from a very close distance. The picture looks so impressive because a whole group of volunteer scientists worked on it (including our compatriot Roman Tkachenko), improving RAW data received from Juno cameras. All colors are applied to a black-and-white image manually, according to data obtained from several color channels, in fact, turning the picture into a kind of work of art.

The photo you see was taken on March 27this year at the moment when the Juno apparatus flew over the clouds of Jupiter at an altitude of only 12,700 kilometers. Jupiter's hurricanes are chaotic and unpredictable, so the surface of its atmosphere is constantly changing. But no matter how earthly scientists try to solve the riddle of the gas giant, they still have too many questions that cannot be answered at any given time. Below you can see another work of scientists, created on the basis of images obtained from Juno. The device will continue to study the atmosphere and magnetosphere of Jupiter until February 2018.