Photo of a Hollywood actor helped face recognition system to catch a criminal like him

NYPD used photographHollywood actor Woody Harrelson in order to catch a thief who is very similar to him, using the city face recognition system. The incident happened almost two years ago, however, it became known only recently. Due to the fact that at the disposal of law enforcement agencies there was a photo of very poor quality, they uploaded high-resolution photos of the actor to the facial recognition system, which they found on the Internet.

Interesting, but it worked - the system was ableto find several suitable people in New York, after which the police found the thief and soon arrested him. The offender was guilty of stealing beer from a store on a nearby street.

As reported in a Georgetown University report,Law enforcement officers from the New York Department often feel free to use photos of innocent people to find criminals like them. One of the bright cases when a photo of a player of a famous basketball club was uploaded to the facial recognition system, thanks to which the police arrested a thief on the other side of the city.

Researchers believe police is negligentthey use the tools they have, and although over the past 5 years the recognition system has only been used 3,000 times, no one can guarantee that due to uploading false photos, no arrests will be made or charges will be leveled against innocent citizens. The police adhere to the position “in war all means are good” and clarify that because of the coincidence in appearance parameters they do not put anyone in jail.

The question of the professionalism of this approach remainsopen, more interested in another: how is the "deception" of the facial recognition system? To demonstrate this clearly, scientists have given several examples. First, from the words of the victims, sketches are created, and already on their basis there are photographs of people (most often innocent, but sometimes they are already in the police database for other cases). The pictures are uploaded to the system, and it finds the right criminal.

Recall in August last year in Russia withusing the facial recognition system, the first culprit was caught. The technology allows cameras to check up to 20 people per second. Earlier, the system created by Russian engineers recognized US intelligence as the best in its field.

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