# photo | Mysterious "brain area" on the surface of Mars

NASA space agency often sharesphotos of Mars, but recently it published not a familiar landscape with a red and dusty surface, but a snapshot of a mysterious territory called the “brain region”. She received this name because of the texture and colors that vaguely resemble the convolutions of the human brain. The researchers do not know what caused the formation of such a surface, but they have an assumption that is associated with the possible presence of water on Mars.

Unusual texture formed in the area undernamed Protonilus Mensa, under the surface of which ice water may be present. It was she who, according to the researchers, is the cause of the formation of irregularities. Most likely, depressions arise in the process of converting solid ice into steam. Researchers believe that such a surface can be found in other areas of the middle latitudes of the Red Planet.

The picture was taken using an interplanetary station.Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which began operations in the distant 2006. The HiRISE system was used as a camera, which over the past decade has taken more than 52,000 high-quality images of the Red Planet. For example, at the end of 2018, the InSight space probe came under his eye.

It is believed that the formation of the texturegoes on continuously, but the researchers have not yet managed to fix any changes. Perhaps in the near future, the cameras will be able to capture the changes, and NASA will be closer to uncovering the secret of the formation of a strange "brain area."

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