# photo | Found ancient tattoo tool

Human remains prove that ancient peoplestarted making tattoos thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, not every culture leaves traces by which it is possible to reveal the methods of drawing patterns and their purpose. For example, these include Indians who lived in southwestern North America in the first century AD — archeologists still cannot find the tattooed bodies of local Indians. However, they found the instrument with which the drawings were made - it was excavated as far back as 1972, but no one paid any attention to it.

The tool was found in southeastern Utah,place called terki pen. It is made of two cactus spines tied to a wooden stick with a rope. The device is remotely similar to the handle, and its length is only 10 centimeters. The tips of the cactus spines are black in color - scientists immediately realized that it was an absorbed pigment for drawing pictures.

Having studied the tool using electronicmicroscope, researchers have identified the types of materials used. It turned out that the sticks were made of branches of a skunk sumach shrub, and the thorns were pulled out of a cactus called Opuntia. The tattoo paint was made from soot mixed with water. The tool was made in 79–130 AD, that is, it is almost 2000 years old.

To look at its effectiveness withapplying tattoos, the researchers recreated the design and tested it on the skin of a pig. After examining the original, they found that the needles were injected under the skin to a depth of 2.08 millimeters - that is, a mixture of soot was injected into the layer below the epidermis.

It is believed that this tool was usedrepresentatives of the culture basketball maker. Initially, they were nomads and collected plants in small groups and hunted large game. Between the years 50 and 500 AD, they learned how to grow corn and firmly settled in the southeastern part of Utah.

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