Phones worthy of Chuck Norris: harsh devices from North Korea

Suppose fate decreed that you were born and raised in North Korea. You do not even think about escaping to the southern advanced brethren, but you are building capitalism according to all the precepts of Juche.

But you want to live no worse than in otherscountries, right? At a minimum, carry a phone with you and be in touch. Better yet, share funny photos with loved ones in messengers or send videos with cats.

Anyway, North Koreans have smartphones. It is impossible to say whether this miracle of technology is available to everyone, but they really release phones there.

Moreover, they make phones themselves, and do not buy from Chinese neighbors and do not re-paste the brand for a domestic one, as is sometimes done in our country.

Smartphones in North Korea are initially wired to comply with government censorship, and each user has a fellow major behind the screen.

In general, the first mobile phones appeared inThe DPRK has been banned for a relatively long time - back in 2002, but very soon, in 2004, they were banned and became available only to the most privileged segments of the population. All because of the ability to call abroad, which was technically impossible to limit.

Four years later, the ban was lifted, and the country begancooperation on smartphones with ... the Egyptian company Orascom Telecom Holding, which was among the first to have the right to install towers in the country and transmit a signal. At the same time, the project, which was named Koryolink, is simultaneously controlled by the Egyptians and the state corporation of Post and Telecommunications of Korea.

At present, every citizen of the CountryMorning freshness can buy and use a mobile phone. And after Kim Jong-un came to power, there was a serious leap in the development of technology. Including the number of users of smartphones and mobile communications has grown - now they are more than 60% in Pyongyang.

At the same time, citizens of the country cannot call abroad, even if their acquaintances or relatives live there, and they will not be able to receive calls either.

You can only access the Internet in the local (Kwangmyeon, 5-6 thousand sites), only the highest officials of the country have access to the global network.

At the same time, foreign smartphones are not officially imported into the country, they can only be bought from black marketers who import goods from China into the country (it’s no secret that many North Koreans work on shifts in China).

However, smartphones are still there. They are assembled at local factories, although engineering and technical solutions are often borrowed from the Chinese.

In particular, the country has an Arirang smartphone.Previously, when it was considered a premium phone, it had only one SIM card slot, 4 gigabytes of internal memory and a microSD slot. Wi-Fi is not provided in any local phone.

Android 4.4 was installed inside.2, which has undergone many changes by Korean specialists. Of course, to control the citizens. And it also has its own application market, where you can even download some Western games - the same Angry Birds. Moreover, many of them are pre-installed.

There are no social networks in Korea, and banking applications,navigators and taxi aggregators - even more so. Although taxi aggregators are not available to all residents of Europe, let alone one of the most closed countries in the world.

But the phone has an internal messenger, which, of course, is controlled by the authorities. Also, the application of the official newspaper of the Workers' Party is preinstalled, and it cannot be deleted.

In addition, if you want to insert a SIM card from another country, the device will simply refuse to work.

At the same time, it is possible to connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable, but nothing can be downloaded to the smartphone. Files, although they are loaded, when opened on the phone, they simply disappear.

Also, tellingly, the phone is compatible withHuawei fitness tracker, and the application is preinstalled on the phone. Moreover, according to eyewitnesses, many residents of the North Korean capital have such bracelets.

All this pleasure is very expensive even by the standards of the West - you will have to pay about $ 500 for such a phone. The smartphone is assembled at the May 11 electronics factory.

But the budget analogue, available to everyone in general, is the Pyongyang 2404, which is actually a clone of the ZTE 808 and costs only about $20.

The characteristics of the smartphone are absolutely the same, but Korean specialists are engaged in the assembly.

In 2020, Korea also announced that the Kindalai 7 smartphone would be developed in the country. Yes, not just anyone said, but Kim Jong-un himself.

The uniqueness of the smartphone is that it has “the most advanced biometric recognition technology based on voice, fingerprints and facial features.”

In other words, the phone has the most common fingerprint sensor located on the back of the phone, and the camera has built-in face recognition for unlocking.

Also, the phone has a built-in voice assistant that recognizes commands, and also helps to enter text by voice.

In addition, North Korean media claimed thatThe smartphone will have its own operating system. Most likely, we will talk about the next Android firmware with North Korean features. It is still unknown what characteristics the smartphone has, since no one can tell about it. But, most likely, a budget smartphone.

The country also has a “North Korean iPhone” Jindallae 3. Outwardly, it resembles the seventh version of an apple phone, but very little is known about its characteristics.

By the way, people who still have the opportunitytravel abroad, bring foreign smartphones to Korea. Among them are Chinese devices, and the iPhone, and even the hostile Samsung. But they work, again, exclusively with the North Korean version of the Internet - you won’t be able to exit to the other, if you don’t have privileges.