Philips Xenium E580 - expensive button

Shelf represented on the Russian marketPhilips devices arrived. A curious device appeared - Philips Xenium E580 - a push-button phone with a surprisingly high price tag for this kind of device - as much as 4,990 rubles at the start of sales.

Among the advantages of the model should probably be calledmetal back cover, but her one would not be enough to justify the smartphone price tag. The true reason, apparently, should be considered a large capacity battery - 3100 mAh, as well as the ability of the phone to charge other devices.

Other reasons to lift up the price is not visible, but they would probably not interfere.

The main characteristics of the Philips Xenium E580:

Screen TFT, 2.4 ″, 240 × 320
Micro SD memory up to 32 GB
Mobile networks GSM 900, 1800
BatteryLi-Ion, 3100 mAh
Dimensions133.5 x 57 x 14.9 mm
Weight144.5 g
Camera2 MP, flash, no autofocus

Tatyana Kobelskaya