Philips launches "smart" belt, eliminating snoring (2 photos)

Usually, to stop snoring, we pushsleeping, so that he changed his position. But from this both wake up, which is not very nice. As believed in Philips, suitable vibration will relieve snoring without disturbing sleep. As a result, the range of "smart" gadgets of the manufacturer was supplemented with a smart belt Philips SleepSmart Snoring Relief Band.

The idea is simple. As a rule, people snore while lying not on their side, but on their backs or on their backs. The novelty will determine when its owner will fall on his back, and encourage him to turn on his side. To do this, the gadget only vibrates gently: not enough to interrupt sleep, but enough for anxiety and a change of posture. The intensity of vibrations and modes are automatically adjusted. Their effectiveness will not decrease, and to ignore them subconsciously will not work. Sleep habits are tracked in the background due to machine learning. This will determine the optimal moment for pushing and changing the pose.

The gadget has a display that displaysbasic data, and a USB-C port for charging. The belt into which the sensor unit is inserted can be adjusted. The cost of new items and the release date has not yet been reported.