Personal data of Russians will open for everyone

In the near future, numerous professionalinformation previously protected by the law on secrecy will be available to Russian companies. Creating a system that allows access to various specific information related to banking, tax, medical information will allow IT companies to quickly develop new services. At the same time a serious blow is dealt to black markets in which confidential information is traded.

The bill was prepared by experts from the ELN"Digital Economy", which specializes in the implementation of the national program. The modern industry of digital companies requires access to information, and the existing restrictions only hinder the development of the sector.
The main companies interested inThe easing of professional secrecy legislation are the leading players in the Russian IT market: Sberbank, Skolkovo, Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, Rostec, Beeline, and they are also co-founders of the Digital Economy.

Banking, medical, tax, and communications secrets are included in secret information that is currently in force.
Banking information under the new law can be made open only with the consent of customers. Companies that have access to such information will be able to create useful services to improve customer service convenience.

Data on tax collections and taxes will simply be transferred from the database of the Federal Tax Service to the portal of state services.

Opening access to medical data will accelerate the development of areas such as remote diagnostics and television medicine.
Telecom operators will be able to transmit only strictly limited information about customers - age, gender, geolocation results and the amount of expenses for communication services

All information that will be freely transmitted to third parties will not in the least violate the confidentiality of citizens, since all data will be impersonal.