Personal air purifier that can replace the usual mask

Despite the fact that Covid-19 is losing ground in information reports, wearing a mask is still recommended and sometimes mandatory in many countries.

Naturally, the body gets tired of constantly wearing a mask, it is more difficult to breathe, and it just bothers to constantly wear something on your face.

But thanks to the Lumi device, you can take a deep breath anywhere.

This gadget is a portable air purifier that hangs around the neck and protects the wearer from various pathogens and pollution, and is also suitable for people with respiratory diseases.

As the creators note, there is no guarantee that you will not get coronavirus (and where they are), but Lumi will protect against microfungi and bacteria without any problems.

The gadget is small in size, but at the same time it covers an impressive area around the user, thanks to which it can even be hung on a backpack, the effect will still be.

On the device itself, you can see the air aspirator, controls and LEDs that will report the status of the battery.

The device looks interesting, but for now it's a concept. However, given the convenient form factor and coverage, it is likely that its appearance on the shelves is only a matter of time.