Permanent tattoos will monitor the human health

As a rule, tattoos are applied to the body to tell others about something important about themselves or to attract attention. New development will allow you to track the most important indicators of human health.

Until now, for these purposes have not been usedclassical variants, and electronic ones, from human cells, as well as from bacterial ink. Now, the usual option for us will turn into biosensor systems that monitor the main parameters. The technology is based on colorimetry: the method of chemical analysis, which determines the concentration of substances according to the degree of color solutions. That is, the color of a permanent tattoo will change depending on changes in the blood of certain substances.

To monitor the dynamics of health, doctor andhis patient will be enough to observe the tone of the tattoo. At the first dangerous signals, it will be possible to make tests in time and correct the treatment.

Biochemists have already experimented with porkskin: various dyes were injected into the dermis through the epidermis. It is in this layer that the inks of classic tattoos are. To create a kind of tattoo sensor, a combination of dyes was used: phenolphthalein, bromthymol blue and methyl red. They are acid-baseline indicators, that is, organic compounds that change color when changing acidity.

In the process of testing this tattoo on pigthe skin turned from yellow to blue as soon as the pH reached 5 to 9 units. The rate of this indicator for human skin is 5.9. Over time, 2 more yellow sensors were created. One became dark green as the glucose level increased. Another when changing the level of albumin turned green.

These indicators are extremely important: glucose - with diabetes, albumin - with renal or hepatic insufficiency. Tattoos can be read in a special application for the smartphone, trained on the values ​​of these parameters. It will be enough for the user to bring the smartphone camera to the tattoo, and the software will make an analysis and issue a conclusion.

The authors of the project plan to refine their development by adding other biomarkers.