Permanent jailbreak is installed on almost any iPhone

IPhone users seeking to expandthe capabilities of devices periodically set jailbreaks that can open access to the file system of devices. Apple is opposed to this and, in addition to terminating the license agreement, introduces a ban on such operations on new models. However, a user hiding under the name axi0mX discovered a vulnerability in iOS that could allow jailbreaking, which cannot be removed later. Such an operation is possible with smartphones from iPhone 4S to iPhone X, and these are millions of devices.

Called checkm8, the vulnerability wasfound in BootROM bootable storage device and allows you to get unlimited access to iOS features. Given that you cannot write information to BootROM, Apple will not be able to address the vulnerability in the release of the software update.

Freedom-loving researcher revealed the vulnerabilityfor all users, believing that in this way iOS will become better. Third-party developers will be able to jailbreak new versions of the operating system.

Only exploited vulnerability can be used.when connecting a smartphone via USB to a computer. So far, no one has used checkm8 and has not created a jailbreak that allows you to put applications that are not on the App Store on your smartphone.

Vulnerability continues to remain in allsmartphones starting with the iPhone 4S (with the A5 chip) and ending with the iPhone X (with the A11 chip). At the same time, smartphones on the A12 are already protected from checkm8. Recently, an alternative iOS app store has appeared on the Internet that does not require a jailbreak.

Source: theVerge