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People with immunity to COVID-19 will be identified in Russia, but why?

At the time of this writing, April 6, 2020years, in Russia there are more than 6,000 people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. Almost 1000 cases of the disease are recorded daily, despite the fact that the number of patients recovered for all the time is only about 400 people. It is hoped that the number of ill people will increase over time and all of them will receive immunity to coronavirus and will not be able to get sick again. In the meantime, the federal service Rospotrebnadzor intends to conduct a study and find outhow many people in Russia have already developed immunity to COVID-19. The work will be carried out in Moscow and the Moscow region, because there is a particularly high infection rate. But how useful is information about the number of people with immunity to coronavirus and in general, how is it produced?

Perhaps people with immunity to coronavirus will be allowed to go to work

Rospotrebnadzor Is a government agency established to protectconsumer rights. His tasks include checking stores and other facilities for cleanliness, the level of working conditions for employees of various organizations, and much more. At the moment, the service is also monitoring the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Coronavirus immunity

The fact that Rospotrebnadzor will search for peoplewith immunity to the coronavirus COVID-19, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the words of Anna Popova - head of the federal service. The test for detecting immunity to the disease was created by the Vector scientific center, but how it works has not yet been reported. Most likely, the researchers will take blood tests from people who have been ill with coronavirus and look for them antibodieswho can fight the virus that has got into the body and destroy it before the onset of symptoms of the disease.

To date, scientists have several hypotheses: some say that innate immunity during the first years of a child’s life is muchstronger than in adults. This helps him fight the coronavirus more actively and at the same time the symptoms, if they occur, are very slight. Later, the human body loses such properties and can only rely on acquired immunity. And we can get it only after our body copes with the disease.

Antibodies - These are substances that are produced by the cells of the immune system and kill viruses that enter the human body.

How is immunity produced?

To begin with, it’s worthwhile to generally understand what human immunity is. The first thing you should know about him is that he is divided into two types. Innate immunity Is the primary ability of our bodycope with infections in the body by increasing body temperature, provoking sneezing and other reactions that can destroy and remove viruses and bacteria from the body. Acquired immunity occurs in humans throughout life - whenan infection enters the body, the immune system allows it to develop a disease in a person and is studying ways to combat it. Once having been ill with an infectious disease like chickenpox, a person no longer gets sick because the body already knows how to quickly destroy it.

Recently, my colleague Lyubov Sokovikova wrotematerial in which she spoke in detail about what happens to human immunity during quarantine. Spoiler - it is weakening, but the article has excellent tips on how to strengthen it at home.

Now we’ll talk about the human papilloma virus (HPV) - it looks something like this

To better understand how immunity fightsinfections, let's look at an example of the human papilloma virus of the third type. This complex term, in fact, means ordinary warts that appeared on our hands in childhood - we still thought that they arise due to the touch of frogs. But in fact, they appeared because small wounds often appeared on our skin, into which the papilloma virus could quickly and easily penetrate. Here's what happened next:

  • The virus penetrated deep under the skin, but our child’s body did not yet know how to deal with it;
  • The virus entered the skin cells and caused them to grow incorrectly - subsequently an ugly wart grew on the arm;
  • Noticing this, the immune system beganproduce immune cells known as T-helpers. They carefully studied the papilloma virus and helped develop a strategy to combat it and memorized it in order to continue to act as quickly as possible;
  • Then the immune cells got involved.B-lymphocytes, which produced antibodies and launched them inside virus-infected cells. They literally pounced on viruses, immobilized them and removed them from the body;
  • At the very end of this "war" macrophages appeared -cells devouring the remains of affected cells. They destroyed the wart and the body could only grow new cells in its place, so that the skin was smooth and healthy again.
  • In the end, it turned out that once having studiedthe virus that caused the occurrence of the wart, our body learned to deal with it quickly. It is believed that the same thing happens with people who have had coronavirus - their body learns to cope with the virus and it becomes not scary for them.

    To gain immunity to the disease without becoming infected with it, you can use vaccination. But COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Still Doesn't Exist

    It is noteworthy that previously in China there werecases of reinfection with coronavirus have been recorded. However, an error could occur in these situations - perhaps for the first time the re-infected people had common pneumonia and only the second time they got COVID-19. Or their immunity was weakened - in this case, re-infection with infectious diseases is quite possible.

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    Pandemic Work

    But why does Rospotrebnadzor need to knowthe number of people with immunity to COVID-19 coronavirus? There is speculation that by identifying such people, they may be allowed to attend jobs. This is logical, because an ill person is unlikely to become infected again and will not pose a danger to others.

    It is important for all other people to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. If possible - work remotely

    According to The Guardian, countingthe number of people with immunity to coronavirus is currently engaged in researchers from Germany. Subsequently, the authorities want to give some employees a “passport” with evidence of the transferred COVID-19 and the existence of immunity to it. It is expected that some restrictions will be lifted from them and they will be able to work in the previous mode.

    In general, the idea with passports does not look todayso crazy. After the main wave of the pandemic subsides, the question will arise - how to separate those who have already been ill and developed immunity and those who are still at risk? After all, those who cope with the disease will not take the infection (although scientists are not completely sure), but in the end everyone will get sick. Or almost everything. Today, the main problem is not that COVID-19 mows everyone in a row, but that health care can’t cope with the influx of patients. And as a result of the fact that people will have a “seal” that they have been ill and are no longer carriers and will allow to restart the economy, without which a return to normal life is simply impossible.

    And finally, the main question is how humanityto intentionally test for the presence of immunity? It is impossible to imagine that it is necessary to verify each and every one of them. There will not be enough tests or money for this. So we need some kind of testing algorithm, which is not being discussed today. It is clear that there are people who provide life safety on our planet. These are representatives of the government (to a lesser extent, since they can be replaced), scientists, highly specialized workers (workers of enterprises critical to the country's security, nuclear plants, doctors, etc.). They will need to be checked first, and when the vaccine is ready, vaccinate them. Later, the turn will reach ordinary people, but it will take time for everything. How many? No one knows yet.

    Important to rememberthat immunity is very sensitive to smoking,drinking alcohol and other manifestations of an unhealthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself, exercise and try to eat less junk food

    And what will happen after quarantine is removed? We will begin a social life again, people will begin to communicate with each other, hug, kiss, arrange parties. And everyone who has not developed immunity (read not ill) will become infected again. And this will happen until the entire population of the Earth gets sick. Or they will not invent and vaccinate the entire population of the planet. But even if you turn a blind eye to the number of vaccines, their cost and the time it will take for vaccination, scientists say that the vaccine will be ready no earlier than at the end of 2020. But what should we do, stay at home or risk our lives? The question remains open. We invite you to comment on this article.