People will be able to see through walls. What? Yes!

Surely, everyone (or almost everyone) would like to have superpowers. For example, the same x-ray vision.

And if super-endurance, speed or strength is still in the distant and very foggy future, then the ability to see through walls may come true very soon.

So, scientists from the University of Glasgow are working oncombining artificial intelligence and human brain waves in order to be able to distinguish between objects around the corner. The system is called "ghost imaging" and will be shown at a convention of local science luminaries very soon.

“We believe that this work provides insights thatcould one day be used to combine human and artificial intelligence,” said Daniele Faccio, who is working on the project. He said the next steps of the research could be to expand the possibilities of 3D depth information to find ways to combine multiple data from a group of people at the same time.

The study is part of the non-line-of-sight imaging. This is a piece of technology that allows people to see hidden objects. Doesn't it remind you of anything? Yes, it's Superman's laser vision!

True, Faccio's technology is as follows:the person was wearing an EEG brainwave monitoring helmet and could only see diffuse light on the wall instead of the actual light patterns that are being projected. The EEG helmet then reads the signals in the visual cortex of the brain, and after that the signals are sent to the computer, which then identifies the object using AI brain waves.

As a result, in about a minute, the researchers were able to restore 16x16-pixel images of simple objects that people could not see through obstacles.