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People who have had chickenpox can suffer from facial paralysis

In the field of show business, big news - the singerJustin Bieber paralyzed half of his face and canceled all concerts. The paralysis is reportedly due to Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, in which a person's facial nerve is affected. With it, in addition to the inability to move half of the face, a person has pain in the ear, his eyes do not close, and the perception of taste changes greatly. Many people hear about this syndrome for the first time, and in fact it can occur in almost every person. And all because the syndrome is caused by the varicella-zoster virus (Varicella zoster) - if you have ever had chickenpox, there is always some risk. Let's see in which cases Ramsay-Hunt syndrome occurs and how life-threatening it is?

Chickenpox can make itself felt even after many years


  • 1 Why do adults have a harder time with chickenpox?
  • 2 Danger of shingles
  • 3 What is Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome?
  • 4 Treatment of shingles

Why do adults have a harder time with chickenpox?

Chickenpox, perhaps, hurt most of theRussia. When the Varicella zoster virus enters the body, blisters appear on the human body and the temperature rises greatly - in this state, it can lie for a whole week. The disease is most severe in adulthood, so it is easiest to get sick in childhood. To get immunity, you can get vaccinated, but in Russia “windmill parties” are the most popular, when others come to a sick child to get infected and get sick in a mild form.

Some scientists believe that "chicken parties" are dangerous for children because the disease can be unpredictable. Better get vaccinated

It is believed that at an early age chickenpoxit is easier to carry, because the child is protected not only by his own, but also by maternal immunity. And after 15-18 years, the human immune system copes worse with the virus, because of which the disease can lead to the development of complications and exacerbation of chronic diseases. At the same time, the high temperature is difficult to bring down, and it lasts from 5 to 7 days.

Varicella zoster virus

Scientists believe that vaccination is more effective than natural immunity. Here is the proof

Danger of shingles

However, after illness, the varicella-zoster virusremains in a latent state in the nerve nodes. Throughout life, in old age or weakening of the immune system, the virus can reactivate and cause shingles.

Here are some common reasons for the reactivation of the virus:

  • taking drugs that reduce immunity;
  • chronic stress and exhausting work;
  • hypothermia of one of the parts of the body;
  • age over 55 years.

With shingles, a person also appearsrashes - usually they are localized on the trunk. Also, a person feels unwell, his body temperature rises, as well as a feeling of tingling and neuralgic pain in the area of ​​​​rashes.

The beginning of shingles looks like this

Sometimes the virus causes additional diseases.Firstly, it is ophthalmic herpes, in which the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve is affected - there is a risk of damage to the cornea. Secondly, it is motor herpes, in which a person develops muscle weakness. Thirdly, this is the same Ramsey-Hunt syndrome, in which half of the face is paralyzed in a person and rashes appear in the ear canal or oropharynx.

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What is Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome?

Paralysis of the face occurs due to the fact that the diseaseone of the facial nerves is affected. Sometimes the lesion also leads to ear pain and even hearing loss, altered taste perception, difficulty closing the eyes, and so on. Incomplete closing of the eyes can lead to damage to the cornea because it constantly needs moisture.

External manifestation of Ramsey-Hunt syndrome

If symptoms of shingles occur,the main of which are rashes and fever, you should immediately call a doctor. If treatment is started earlier, complications can be avoided. It's best not to come in contact with people, because if they don't have immunity to the varicella-zoster virus, they can get chickenpox. And it, as we have already found out above, in adults is very difficult.

Today, many people are concerned about the spread of monkeypox. Recently it became known that it was distributed already in 2017.

Shingles treatment

Treatment of shingles and syndromeRamsey-Hunt comes down to taking antiviral drugs designed to relieve redness and swelling, corticosteroids, tranquilizers that reduce dizziness, and various painkillers. During the treatment period, it is recommended to keep the areas with rashes clean, and periodically moisten the eyes with special drops.

Shingles can be difficult to bear, but treatable

In conclusion, it is worth saying that to faceRamsey-Hunt syndrome is at risk for anyone who has ever had chickenpox. To prevent this, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system in every possible way: you probably already know very well about the need for taking vitamins, playing sports and other rules for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fairness, it should be noted that in strengthening immunity, you also need to know the measure - if you play too much with this, you can at least experience problems with your teeth.

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In addition to Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, a person mayother disease states occur. Examples include delayed sleep phase syndrome and Asperger's syndrome. You can read about the first here, and read about the second at this link.