People gain weight with age, but this can be avoided.

In one of the previous articles, we wrote thatmany people over 40-50 are overweight. We found out the most common causes of weight gain and talked about ways to maintain harmony in old age. In particular, we mentioned that you can save a beautiful body simply by refusing high-calorie foods, but recently we learned that people still need to use one high-calorie product more often. We are talking about walnuts, adding which to your daily diet, you can gain less weight year after year and remain a slender person by old age.

Many people begin to gain weight with age.

About the amazing property of walnutstold American scientists led by Professor Deirdre Tobias. They collected data on 141,000 people who participated in three different studies from 1984 to 2011. At the disposal of scientists was information about their body weight and diet, including data on the content of walnuts and other types of nuts in the diet.

The benefits of nuts

Scientists have found that they did not eat nutsmen every four years of their life gained about 0.77 kilograms. Women, in turn, gained at least 1.14 kilograms over the same period of time. However, people who at least 14 grams of nuts were consumed daily gained 0.19 kilograms less in weight over four years. Those who preferred walnuts turned out to be easier by as much as 0.37 kilograms.

100 grams of walnuts contain 654 kilocalories

The greatest effect of nuts was seen incases when they replaced other products - for example, a sweet dessert. If people refused french fries and ate walnuts instead, the result was completely surprising. If the scientists’ calculations are correct, then when replacing fries with nuts for four years of life, people gained 2.5 kilograms less weight. That sounds very cool, doesn't it?

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Why do people lose weight from nuts?

Explain why it is people who are slower to typeScientists certainly cannot eat weight by eating fairly high-calorie nuts. They suggest that people burn fat while chewing nuts - this is a much more energy-intensive process than eating soft foods. To be honest, this assumption is hard to believe. Most likely, the secret lies in the high content of fiber in nuts - it lingers in the stomach for a long time, because of which a person stays full longer. Very tricky move, but effective!

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It turns out that each of us needs 40 yearsIt will be necessary to include walnuts in your diet and refuse french fries. Otherwise, we run the risk of gaining excess weight, which can turn into an even bigger problem - the development of obesity. According to the World Health Organization, in 2016 over 1.9 billion people were overweight.

The main thing in eating walnuts is importantknow the limits. Do you remember what happened to the 81-year-old man who was overly fond of healthy eating? Read our material about him - this story did not end with anything good.