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People gain weight due to dirty air in the city

If you live in a big city with manyfactories and cars, know that you breathe dirty air. Each time, walking along the streets, you inhale such dangerous compounds for our body as ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Scientists already knew that they negatively affect our lungs and even mental health, but recently it turned out that dirty air can cause obesity and even the development of diabetes. And all because the chemicals we breathe in destroy the bacteria that live inside our intestines and help our bodies work properly. This is not just an assumption, but a fact that has recently been proved by American scientists.

Dirty air kills bacteria in our gut

About their research and doneThe discovery was written in the scientific journal Environment International. To find out how dirty air affects the digestive system of a person, scientists studied the diversity of intestinal bacteria of 101 residents of the US state of California. Researchers also studied the degree of air pollution in the regions in which the volunteers lived. They all lived in the southern part of the state, which is famous for sunny weather and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Despite all the beauty, the air in this territory was full ozone, which is considered the main enemy of intestinal bacteria.

If something bad happens to your gut bacteria, you can become depressed and uncommunicative. Why this can happen, read our special material.

How harmful is dirty air?

Comparing the state of intestinal bacteria volunteersand the level of ozone concentration in the air, scientists found that dirty air destroys about 128 types of microorganisms necessary for our body. Most of them are involved in the production of insulin, so it is now believed that dirty air can provoke the development of diabetes. If a person inhales a large amount of ozone for 24 hours, bacteria of the species Bacteroides caecimuris begin to multiply in his intestines, which provoke weight gain.

Bacteroids make up almost half the microbiome of the human intestine, but in large numbers they provoke the development of dangerous diseases

In principle, the results of the study are not particularlysurprised scientists. The harmfulness of urban air is a well-known fact and at the moment, researchers can only study how harmful compounds affect the human body. Representatives of some hospitals have previously reported that people complain of digestive problems on days when the concentration of harmful substances in the air is especially high. Now this is not just an observation, but a scientifically proven fact.

The dirtiest air in Russia

California air contains a lot of ozone, buthow are things in the cities of our country? Recently, IQAir published a report in which Krasnoyarsk, the Yakut village of Zyryanka and Vladivostok were named the dirtiest cities in Russia. True, in the study they paid most attention to the presence of air pollutants, known as PM2.5. These include microscopic particles of soot, asphalt, and other solids, as well as tiny droplets of hazardous liquids. They settle in the lungs of a person and often become the causes of the development of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The most poisonous city in Russia is located in the Chelyabinsk region and is called Karabash. We recommend reading what it is so dangerous and how people live there.

In general, monitoring the composition of air in citiesRussia is engaged in the Roshydromet service. Only now, the network of stations for analyzing air quality covers only 243 cities, while as of April 26, 2019, there are 1,117 cities in Russia. There are no exact data on the concentration of ozone in the air of Russian cities, but there is no doubt that we all inhale harmful substances every day. But they destroy our respiratory organs, brain and, as it turned out now, even our digestive system.

If you decide to go outdoors and breathe clean air, Do not leave trash!

Where to find clean air?

If you want to at least slightly reduce the negativeexposure to urban air, you should more often travel out of town. As a rule, in places where there are no plants and an abundance of cars, the air is much cleaner and is able to give our body a break from harmful substances. It is only important for everyone to understand that when traveling to nature it is necessary to take care of its cleanliness and not leave trash behind. Ideally, in May it will be possible to arrange walks in the forest or go to nature by bicycle. The main thing at the end of spring is to protect yourself from ticks, and this year also carefully monitor the coronavirus.