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Pentagon authenticates UFO video

2020 is eventful, agree. It has not yet reached the middle, and the world is experiencing a pandemic, falling oil prices and a deep economic crisis. And now also UFO, as it turned out, exists. Speaking UFOs, I do not mean green men or extraterrestrial civilizations. UFO - unknown flying object. A few years ago, these videos already leaked to the network, but there was no official confirmation of their authenticity, so many skeptics said that this was a montage or a hoax. And the Pentagon has put all the points over Y. The videos are real and what it is - the US military has no idea.

The Americans confirmed that their military pilots saw a UFO

From 2007 to 2012, the Americans had a secreta program to study such collisions of pilots with unidentified objects. However, due to insufficient funding and a change in priorities, the program was closed. After several videos leaked to the network, the Pentagon remained silent and did not comment on it at all. However, no action was taken to block the rollers either. The thing is that besides the fact that the frames are an unidentified object - everything else was not included in a special group. The video could not recognize the secret development or functions of aircraft, etc. Therefore, they roamed the network for quite a long time and soon forgot about them.

The Pentagon itself explains its action onconfirmation of videos, like the desire to put an end to and get rid of rumors. Back in September last year, we published 2 videos, which only today have found their official confirmation.

In 2017, one of the pilots who saw a UFO in 2004 (one of three videos) said that an unidentified object moved in such a way that he could not explain it with his military experience.

As I approached him, he quickly accelerated south and disappeared in less than two seconds. It was very unexpected, like a ping pong ball bouncing off a wall

- said a retired pilot of the US Navy David Fravor

In the same year, former executives of secretThe Pentagon’s program, Luis Elizondo stated that there is very strong evidence that we are not alone in the universe. Agree, from the lips of a person of this rank, such statements sound quite weighty. “These planes - we will call them planes - demonstrate characteristics that are currently not available in the United States or in any other country in the world that we know about,” said Elizondo.

However, let's see the videos themselves if you have not seen them yet:

What kind of objects in the video?

According to sources, the Pentagon containsquite a lot of similar videos, however they are strictly classified. Because The UFO identification program was closed back in 2012. The question remains, is there a similar program in some other form today? Even if not from the USA, but from other countries. You must admit that it is difficult to believe that unidentified objects are met only by US troops. Surely our Ministry of Defense has similar videos.

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The desire to find an alien civilization inmankind has been since the moment we learned about space and other planets. A huge number of articles have been written on the topic of UFOs, documentaries and feature films have been shot. But there is always the possibility that the evidence provided is fraudulent or outright fake. It’s a completely different matter when we officially confirm the authenticity of the video at the highest level. Of course, this can also be part of someone’s tricky game, but we will leave aside the conspiracy theories.

Do you think these videos are true, and if so, then what is it really? Let's discuss this in our Telegram chat or in the comments on this publication.