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Peers.TV - an application with packages of TV, movies and TV shows for every taste

Over the past few years the number of differentservices for watching television, movies and TV shows has grown so much that it seems that almost no one is connecting a traditional antenna with cable channels. Advanced users prefer Apple TV or set-top boxes on Android TV, but the problem is that all this is not a mobile solution. One has only to go somewhere out of the house, on such a prefix you can only collect dust. Fortunately, the App Store and Google Play have convenient solutions for accessing multimedia content from mobile devices, and not only to television, but also the latest news from movies and TV shows.

Peers.TV is not just a service with television channels

Of course, everyone chooses for himselfHe liked the service, we have here in the editorial board many authors since 2015 use the Peers.TV application on iOS and Android. Why? Firstly, there you can watch many television channels for free. Secondly, you can pause the broadcast anytime you want. Or during the live broadcast go to its beginning, if you missed something important. In addition, see the archive of the programs of your favorite TV channel, if you did not have time to start the program.

You can watch not only TV channels, but also popular films and TV shows

What else stands out this service amongthe rest is the ability to flexibly configure due to the availability of various channel packages by subscription. With their help, you can access additional channels, and do not pay immediately for 200 channels that no one will watch, and the money will essentially go to nothing, but choose specific ones. For example, in a package "Family" includes channels "Travel + Adventure", "Eurocinema","Cinema 24" and others for adult viewers and children's channels like "Nickelodeon" and "Mammoth". You can watch it for free for 7 days, and there you can either renew your subscription if you like it or cancel it.

Family package includes top paid channels in one subscription

In the package "# Better Home" there are other interesting channels like NationalGeographic HD ”, FOX HD and others, which cable operators usually cost a lot of money. Plus, this includes two channels for adults, which, if desired, can be issued as a separate package. The “Better Home” package is already more expensive, but you can watch it for 14 days for free. A whole crescent!

There are channels for both children and adults.

If entertainment channels are not of interest, you can apply for the “Cinema by Subscription” package (this includes 8,500 films and series, 4,000 films in HD) or "Cinema on TV". The last one includes channels where they showthe best European cinema, films and TV shows HBO, as well as Russian films and Soviet classics. The default is 7 days for free, but the developers have kindly provided us HINEWS promotional codewith which the free viewing time is increased to 30 days. Activate in the application and watch for free!

Activate HINEWS promotional code and watch a month for free

Due to the presence of a large number of different subscription packages, everyone can choose for themselves what is needed. So, families with small children can connect the package "Children's", and for viewing as a family - “Family”. This is much simpler and more convenient than connecting a large package of channels at once, which most people don’t really need. A complete list of channel packages can be found here.

All HBO and Amedia hits in one place

The “Picture in Picture” mode allows you to view the program without interrupting viewing.

Of course, free channels will not go anywhere,which in Peers.TV is also a lot. You can watch television not only online, but also in the recording - the programs are carefully stored in the archive, where you can always watch them. We selected a channel, opened a television program, found a program you liked - and you can watch! But the main advantage is mobility. You can watch on the road, away, at work, but anywhere. Fear of missing the Champions League final or a new episode of your favorite show disappears by itself thanks to the archive of programs.

In general, the application Peers.TV - this is the very service that is simply necessaryeveryone who does not have time, but have a desire to watch movies, TV and TV shows. With it, you can always see everything that you missed for one reason or another. The only condition for using the application is the availability of stable Internet access. You can download to your device from the link below.

Download Peers.TV