Pavel Durov called whatsapp spyware application

Recently discovered vulnerability in the messengerWhatsApp was not surprised by the founder of VKontakte and Telegram, Pavel Durov, who firmly commented on the identified flaw that allows turning any smartphone into a tool for spying on the user.

Durov noted that the WhatsApp application is locatedin a permanent, unceasing struggle with problems. In place of the old constantly arise new problems that work as backdoors. At the same time, the expert believes that the main cause of WhatsApp problems lies in closed codes that do not allow a wide range of highly professional specialists to identify backdoors in codes.

Whatsapp developers even specially“... confuse binaries”, thereby creating additional interference for experts. Such obstacles may indicate that backdoors are deliberately introduced into WhatsApp, whose parent company is Facebook, on orders emanating from the FBI.

At the same time, Durov agrees that in the fight againstSuch methods are effective terrorists, but they can also be used by attackers. In this regard, the businessman believes that WhatsApp is allowed in countries such as Russia or Iran, where Telegram falls under the state ban, although the Durov application is based on open source code. In addition, for its almost 6 years of existence, Telegram did not allow serious data leaks or shortcomings in security, while WhatsApp shows similar flaws every few months.