Passenger ship SpaceX Crew Dragon passed ground tests

Implementation of the plans of Elon Mask for developmentOuter space has overcome another stage of preparation for the launch of passenger traffic from the Earth to orbit and neighboring planets. A trial test run of eight SuperDraco engines on the Crew Dragon spacecraft was completed during successful ground tests at the launch site of Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida.

Testing is one of the stages of testing.emergency rescue systems for astronauts in the event of an emergency. These are the first tests after a similar unsuccessful test conducted on April 20, 2019, which resulted in a fire on the Crew Dragon. After analyzing the causes of the disaster, the design of the fuel system was changed. The tests on November 13 were successful. A team of researchers from SpaceX and NASA will process the data from the sensors and then schedule a flight date for the emergency capsule to test its ejection system using 8 SuperDraco engines.

If successful, flight tests of the systememergency evacuation of astronauts, SpaceX will switch to regular passenger flights to orbit. The Space Taxi to the ISS will probably be launched in 2020. Currently, the main competition for the Mask company is the aerospace giant Boeing, offering its own version of delivering people into orbit using the CST-100 Starliner. However, SpaceX is still far ahead of Boeing, having the experience of an unmanned flight to the ISS of the Crew Dragon.

Source: Space