Palit Announces GeForce RTX 40 Series GameRock and GamingPro

Video card manufacturer PalitMicrosystems Ltd introduced the new GeForce RTX 4090, GeForce RTX 4080 16 GB and 12 GB. According to the company, the video cards received not only an attractive design, but also a high-tech cooling system.

GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards based onNVIDIA's new high-performance third-generation Ada Lovelace architecture, RTX, deliver incredible performance, giving gamers and content creators a quantum leap in performance, neural rendering, and many other cutting-edge platform capabilities. This huge advancement in GPU technology opens up the most immersive gaming experience, incredible AI features, and accelerated content creation software. These GPUs are pushing modern graphics into the future.

GeForce RTX® 4090 GameRock called Midnight Kaleidoscope (Midnight Kaleidoscope)
Continuing the crystal design of hisits predecessor, the Palit GeForce RTX® 40 GameRock crystals transform into Starlight Black, offering users a new level of brightness and absolute dark power.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice twinklingstars embedded in the black crystal surface of the cooling shroud, making this model an exquisite work of art when ARGB is off, and an iridescent kaleidoscope when ARGB is on. Thanks to the new One Two Sync technology, which does not require software control, the backlight can be easily synchronized with other ARGB-enabled devices with just one cable.

Palit GeForce RTX® 40 is equipped with an all-newa Gale Hunter Fan cooling system that offers the next level of heat dissipation to tame monstrous power consumption. Gale Talon fan blade design and aerodynamic Winglet Fantail blade tips provide concentrated airflow for optimal aerodynamic performance. Y Formula heatsink fins molded with angles increase contact area and provide smoother airflow through the heatsink. Composite heat pipes and a wide vapor chamber ensure fast heat dissipation and efficient heat dissipation.

GeForce RTX® 4090 GameRock comes with frameAnti-Gravity Plate and an exquisite metal plate on the back of the graphics card for added rigidity. The plate on the back of the graphics card, engraved and treated to shine when the light changes, also shows the absolute combination of technology and art.

GeForce RTX® 4080 Series 16GB GameRock
Palit GeForce RTX® 4080 16 GB GameRock has, inbasically the same features as the RTX® 4090 GameRock. To offer an alternative to users who prefer pure black, Palit is also releasing GameRock OmniBlack for the GeForce RTX® 4090 and RTX® 4080 16GB models. Without the distraction of backlighting, gamers and content creators can immerse themselves in a completely dark environment with all their heart.

GeForce RTX® 4080 Series 12GB GameRock and GamingPro
On the GeForce RTX® 4080 12GB series, Palitnot only introduces the GameRock with black crystals, but also a modification of the GameRock Classic with a clear white crystal finish to suit the tastes of both black and white card supporters.

For users who prefer classicdesign, Palit GamingPro series will be the best choice. Equally powerful as the GameRock, the GamingPro series also features new efficient cooling solutions, including Gale Hunter fans, Y Formula heatsink fins and composite heatpipes, to handle any gaming or creative challenge.

The GeForce RTX® 4080 GamingPro 12GB combines a metallic black and silver gray clean industrial design with ARGB backlight support to seamlessly fit into any PC configuration.