Paleontologists have discovered the largest and most adult tyrannosaur in history

Tyrannosaurs are one of the most famous andinteresting dinosaurs, which heard almost everyone. Until now, the largest specimen found by paleontologists was considered “Sue”, which is notable for being preserved almost completely. Record in weight and age is finally broken - the scientists announced that the Tyrannosaurus Scotty discovered in 1991, weighed 8,870 kilograms and died at a 30-year-old record for dinosaurs.

His remains were found in a Canadian province.Saskatchewan. The bones were walled up in hard stone, and it took decades to complete the rescue of the skeleton, as well as its study and age determination. According to scientists, tyrannosaurs, like people, had a different body structure. Impressive "Scotty" was an extremely large individual, which was much stronger than their relatives.

Some individual tyrannosaurs, just like howpeople tend to be tall, long or lanky, while others tend to be stronger and thicker. As a rule, thicker people are more massive. This is a bit like comparing a basketball player to a professional football player. Our tyrannosaurus definitely belongs to the category of strong soccer players.

Scott Persons, lead author

Despite its size and strength, tyrannosaurusScotty was often attacked. This is evidenced by numerous scars: his ribs were broken, his jaw was infected, and his tail was bitten. The giant died about 66 million years ago at the age of 33 years, while its relatives rarely lived to be 20-30 years old.

The official name of the tyrannosaur "Scotty" - RSMP2523.8. An unofficial name was given in honor of a bottle of champagne, which paleontologists drank after the discovery of his bones. It is noteworthy that they managed to restore only 60% of his body, whereas “Sue” was restored almost completely. Despite the scarce number of remains, tyrannosaurus will allow paleontologists to more accurately determine the age of future finds.

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