Packaging and DV-sample of Steam Deck are officially presented (5 photos)

Despite the postponement of the start of the sale of portableOn the Steam Deck consoles, Valve continues to regularly update consumers on the progress of the console creation process. On the official Steam page, the developers posted some photos of the final Steam Deck packaging and showed the design of the Steam Deck DV prototype.

Steam Deck Samples Submitted by DV (DV - DesignValidation) will be sent to developers in the near future. Valve representatives say that the presented prototype is an improved version of the EV2 sample, which was intended for testing by the company's engineers. At the same time, a sample packaging for the console was presented, which allows the consumer to "peek" into the box in advance before the device goes on sale in February.

The photographs show that the box, in addition to the Steam Deck itself, will contain a branded case with a logo and a power supply corresponding to the buyer's region of residence.

An interesting solution was used by the developers forpacking box, placing on its surface numerous inscriptions warning about careful storage of the device, the need to protect it from moisture and mechanical damage. On the inner surface, the designers have placed witty inscriptions in different languages, including Russian, about the places where it is recommended to use the console. The developers advise to play with the console in the country, on the tree and even in the toilet.

According to Valve, the company has already completed testing a prototype Steam Deck, and DV samples will be sent to developers in the near future. The start of sales of the serial console Steam Deck is scheduled for February.