Overview of TinAudio T3 headphones - the same as before, but better

TinAudio are among those manufacturersthey do not try to sit down immediately on all the chairs and embrace the immense, fighting at once in all segments. They found their niche, inexpensive models with a neutral sound, and they work technically in it. After two successful models T2 and T2Pro, they decided to try themselves in hybrids and released T3, which we will talk about.

Usually, at the beginning of the review I paint somethe technical features of the models, but in this case there’s not much to say about with the description. A decent dynamic emitter, good fittings from Knowles, a metal body, oxygen-free copper wire - this is not to surprise anyone. The main thing is to correctly “mix” these components, and this Tin Audio succeeds, from any components they receive their own sound. It is also nice that they do not break the price, they ask for only 60 to 70 dollars for headphones, which in our time can be considered a budget proposal.


  • Emitters: 10 mm dynamic + reinforcement from Knowles
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 95 ± 3 dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Cable: 1.25 m, oxygen free copper with MMCX connectors
  • Plug: 3.5 mm

Package and Delivery

The box was made a little harder this outer white “dust jacket” was cut, and in the lid of the inner box, as usual, a transparent window was left behind the headset. Thus, the already pretty packaging has become even more spectacular. Inside the buyer waiting for:

  • headphones themselves
  • cable
  • nozzles: two pairs of foam nozzles and two sets of 3 pairs of silicone
  • instruction

The “presentation” was a success to the company, the headphones can be a great gift, they look more expensive than their price.

Design and wearing comfort

Another strong point of this model isappearance. Classic cylindrical body made of metal, in their back is a ledge with MMCX connector. For the new model, the designers of the company worked with the shape: chamfers, projections, grooves - the overall look of the headphones became a bit more spectacular, but remained within the framework of the characteristic brand rigor.

Thanks to the traditional shape, the headphones are goodSit in the ears, providing decent wearing comfort and sound insulation on an average level. The funny thing is that finally the company realized that the fit "connector forward" is not convenient and put it back, as is done with all headphones designed for earphones. If desired, you can wear the T3 and wire down, for this you can rearrange the headphones in places and take the cable without the ear.

Complete wire turned out right on sight for sore eyes: soft, flexible, comfortable to wear. At the same time, it also looks beautiful: such a typical "wicker", for which people usually like to take more expensive. To this is added the metal MMCX connectors with good fixation and the metal plug with a carbon insert. Splitter is also made of metal, and the slider is made in the form of a nice transparent beads.

TinAudio T3 is distinguished by its “expensive” appearance andquality performance, so you can once again note how affordable headphones have become in appearance comparable to the flagships of five to seven years ago.


The following equipment was used for listening.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP as a DAC and Amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as a source
  • Fidelia as a player
  • Lotoo Paw Gold Touch, theBit OPUS # 2, Astell & Kern A & ultima SP1000 and others as portable players
  • High-resolution recordings in Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening, the headphones were heated for 48 hours, changes in sound were observed only for the first couple of hours.

This time TinAudio slightly retreated from itsbranded neutral submission, making a little curtsy in the direction of "liveliness", and this is exactly what made T3 step up. The model has found emotionality and its own face, while maintaining an uncolored sound and a decent resolution for the price category. In the description of the sound, I take into account the price category, so I will try less often to use turns like “for my price”.

Bass here is a little stressed that will upsetlovers of pumping, but it is quite dense and elastic, and at the same time it has quite good depth. Combined with the resolution and texture of more expensive models, this gives low frequencies an excellent level of naturalness and balance. Headphones do well with the transfer of the characteristics of the lower registers of timbre-rich instruments.

Mid-frequency range compared toprevious models became less focused on microcontrast and slightly added in terms of “macro” elements. Weight, emotions and integrity have reached a new level, in combination with proprietary neutrality, providing headphones with a more “adult” sound. Overall detail has remained at a good level, providing a decent level of immersion in the record. The imaginary scene is somewhere average in width and depth, but the positioning of the tools and the separation of the layers are quite successful with the headphones.

Top of the frequency range also undergonereprocessing, apparently the developers chose "successful" reinforcement. Of course, the layering and richness of the nuances of expensive multi-driver models are not here, and the length of the HF is clearly not beyond the limits, but the resolution and naturalness are very good. Also, the engineers of TinAudio managed to find the “right” amount of “top” to my hearing, so this part of the range sounds balanced and does not pull the blanket over itself.

There are a lot of headphones in this price range, so in comparisons I limited myself to just a few models.

Ostry KC09 This model offers a darker feed with a slightly lower resolution and a greater bass accent.

iBasso IT01 Tuning this model is a bit more aggressive, the low and high frequencies are more accented, so, despite the close resolution, the model from TinAudio sounds more neutral.

Whizzer A15 Pro Good dynamic headphones offering slightly more natural woofers (albeit with less depth). The rest of the range TinAudio sound in more detail, but with a little less weight.


Of course, 95 mW of sensitivity make the headphonesnot the most suitable load for smartphones, although most of them would have coped, but another consideration comes into force. The technical level of the model is quite high, and only players can fully reveal it, and with the TinAudio T3, it is quite possible to even consider devices of the initial-middle segment.

Headphones by genre do not have special preferences, the main thing is that the owner would like exactly uncolored filing. They are moderately critical to the quality of the recording, about 7 points out of 10.

Some traditional example tracks

Kovacs - Mama & Papa The unusual contrast of lyricism and epic, seasoned with expressive vocals will delight the ears of any music lover. And with the TinAudio T3, connoisseurs of technical delivery of headphones will also be pleased.

Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Lovegrove Despite the external minimalism, the track is quite saturated, and the heroes of this review clearly show this, playing the drum beats, vocals, and a lot of percussions.

ZAZ - Eblouie par la nuit And one more way to demonstrate the technicality of headphones is a track filled with emotions "to the eyeballs", and here TinAudio hybrids show themselves "as they should."


Overall, TinAudio did exactly what they loved.Brand fans: neutral and detailed sound in a good and convenient package. There is a noticeable, albeit not gigantic, step in the sound, fortunately, did not entail a large increase in price.

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