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Overview of PIXEL, the world's first screen backpack

Have you noticed how much has become in our livesscreens? Well, the truth is that not only is there always a smartphone with us, so now many more carry a screen on their hand (smart watches), advertising banners on the streets have also become large displays, even screens have been hung up in the subway so that you don’t get bored to go to work or study. But what if we tell you that one company managed to integrate a screen ... into a regular backpack?

Have you seen a lot of backpacks with screens?

For me, a man who prefers goodTwitter feed book, at first it seemed strange, but when PIXEL backpacks were brought to the editorial office (no, they have nothing to do with Google Pixel smartphones), the opinion changed a lot. First, the technology itself is of interest: how did the developers manage to place a display on the back of the backpack, and even protect it from shock and moisture? Given that this is the first backpack of its kind, it is really interesting to look at it.

The display is a large LED panel ofmany LEDs that together can reproduce up to 16.5 million colors. Therefore, it can display any image, animation or just text. It does not have its own batteries: for this, the creators provided a cable to connect an external battery (each one now has more than one). Still, carrying built-in batteries on your back is a pleasure to yourself.

It looks right like a real screen (in fact, this is it)

Powered by an external battery

Although the display seems to be partbackpack, in fact it is removable - that is, you can remove it, for example, before washing. You don’t need to be afraid of rain and snow: the PIXEL backpack is made of water-repellent fabric and has a dense inner lining to protect contents from shock. By the way, the screen does not have pronounced boundaries, due to which it cannot be seen in the off state. In case in the evening you suddenly decide to go to a dysfunctional area.

PIXEL made of water-repellent fabric

Even the lightning was completely hidden to protect against ingress of water, dirt, and also to prevent break-ins and thefts.

We also thought about security

Is there only one such backpack?

PIXEL actually has a whole line of backpackswith integrated display - PIXEL MAX, PIXEL PLUS and PIXEL ONE. The first we managed to test in the editorial office, but the rest are good. PIXEL PLUS is a fairly compact backpack that can easily be used for everyday wear. It easily fits not only a laptop with a diagonal of up to 13 inches, but also other small things. Three internal compartments allow you to place charging, a folder with documents, and a container with lunch - in general, a decent backpack for every day. Despite the volume of 16 liters, it is incredibly lightweight - it weighs only 780 grams without load.

Pretty roomy backpack

The straps are adjustable (80 cm), but the main feature is, of course, the screen that can be controlled from a mobile application for iOS or Android - LED Space.

Screen control using a mobile application

Here you can type text and send it to the backpack display, choose from a finished theme, upload your own image, or create a unique combination of several blocks of text.

PIXEL MAX is the new in 2019. In appearance, it is similar to the PIXEL PLUS, but has a number of differences. So, the total capacity of the backpack increased to 20 liters. And inside, a special soft compartment for a laptop and tablet was added - and this is in addition to many pockets and compartments for small items and documents.

Inside, you can safely place both a tablet and a laptop

The main distinguishing feature of the MAX model is a hidden pocket on the back of the backpack, which will reliably protect your money, documents and valuables from strangers.

Very cool hidden pocket

What text would you write?

I immediately remembered the XD Bobby Pro backpackDesign Its outer part hides several layers of special material that can withstand cuts - this ensures that no one can open your backpack unnoticed and steal valuables. He has three external pockets, and two of them are located on the back side. One is with RFID protection so that no one can read your car’s key or write off money from a credit card. There you can put especially valuable documents - a passport, wallet, plane tickets and other things, the safety of which is especially relevant.

Bobby Pro is good too, albeit without a screen

He also has a pocket in the back, also with RFID protection

Or take the same models from Pacsafe (Pacsafe X andPacsafe X Slim). These are business backpacks that are protected from theft as much as possible. Inside there is a compartment for a laptop (with a diagonal of up to 15 inches), a tablet, an external battery (with cable output), a pocket blocking RFID waves, 6 pockets and 1 pocket with a zipper.

Pacsafe x

Pacsafe X contains everything

Pacsafe X 27 liters, Pacsafe X Slim a little smaller, 20 liters.

Returning to the PIXEL MAX, its screen size is the same as that of the PLUS model - 25 × 25 cm, displays 16.5 million colors and is easily removable.

And this can be put (this is animation, by the way)

This backpack looks very cool, not for nothing itThis year, nominated at international competitions as the most stylish backpack. It has the shape of a slightly elongated parallelepiped with relatively clear edges. But the main thing is that it is waterproof, has ventilated layers and a well-organized interior space.

For ease of wearing, PIXEL backpacks were a pleasant surprise. The straps and back are moderately soft and hard, you can well load the backpack and at the same time not feel any discomfort. The straps hardly press and do not crash into the back. Collected also in good faith, it is not in vain that the quality control department checks every PIXEL backpack, and a guarantee is provided for all the manufacturer’s backpacks.

It was worth turning away, colleagues already won the backpack and wrote their text

The straps are moderately soft and hard

Now that everyone around is walking with sullen blacksbackpacks, such models with integrated screens look especially advantageous, because you can immediately stand out among the crowd and express your life position. And given the variety of color options, PIXEL backpacks will be appreciated by both boys and girls. By the way, according to the promotional code Pix10 give 10% discount for all laptop backpacks at the Inspector Gadgets store. But another screen? Yes. But what a!