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Overview Alldocube X inexpensive tablet with AMOLED-screen

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Initially, the Alldocube X tablet appeared as a project on Indogogo early last year. Unlike all similar projects, the creators managed to release exactly what was promised.

The tablet appeared at a price of about 17,000 rubles andat the same time received excellent features, including AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels and a fingerprint scanner, which is usually absent in low-cost models. For example, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with the same AMOLED screen costs more than 42,000 rubles.

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Direct competitors in 10.There are many 5-inch Alldocube X including Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Huawei MediaPad T5 lite, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5, Acer Iconia Tab 10 and Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus. You can list for a very long time, but I will compare with more eminent rivals.

  • Specifications
  • Contents of delivery
  • Design and appearance
  • Connectors and ports
  • Tablet display
  • CPU performance
  • ROM performance
  • How is he in the games?
  • Communication and GPS
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Cameras and photos
  • Stereo sound speakers
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • Alldocube X Specifications


    10.5-inch SAMSUNG Super AMOLED with 16: 9 aspect ratio, resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels (288ppi)


    10 dots


    Mediatek MT8176 (2.1 GHz)


    IMG PowerVR GX6250


    4 GB LPDDR3


    64 GB eMMC

    USB ports

    1 × Type-C, (support fast charging PE2.0 and data transmission)


    2 times stereo speakers



    Memory expansion

    1 × microSDXC card slot


    Main 8-megapixel and frontal 8-megapixel


    8000 mAh


    Bluetooth Wireless 4.0


    IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz)


    496 g

    Contents of delivery

    Alldocube X itself is included in the package.AC adapter and USB-A to USB-C cable. Regarding the warranty, the official website has information only about the service center in China. Returning the tablet in case of a breakdown will not be the most convenient and certainly not the fastest way to repair.

    Design and appearance

    By all measures, Alldocube X was lessSirface Go, with a bigger screen. The frames are really narrow, which is surprising for this class of devices. Many tablet models are twice as expensive can not boast of such solutions.

    Alldocube all-metal casing is ugly and with a nice matte surface, because of which fingerprints instantly remain on it. Edge-to-edge front panel is protected by impact-resistant glass.

    The corners of the body are angular, which gives it moreSolid view when compared with the universal Surface Go or Galaxy Tab S4. However, no matter how attractive Alldocube's X may seem, at first glance, it is afraid of falls and is very badly scratched. Even with the twisting tests, the case starts to creak.

    Build quality was not as high as it seemed. If initially the surface of the case was smooth, then over time, scratches and irregularities appear on it, which greatly spoils the appearance.

    Connectors and ports

    Alldocube X received a USB-C port, a 3.5 mm jack forheadphones and slot for microSD-cards. The device easily recognizes mouse and keyboard connections through the adapter. Unlike the Galaxy Tab S4, there are no POGO special contacts.

    Tablet display

    The main advantage of Alldocube X is its bigAMOLED-screen with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 and a ratio of 16: 9. The display has a high resolution, pixel density (288ppi) and large viewing angles - something that only more expensive devices have.

    Black to white response time is crazyfast, there are practically no halos, while the contrast ratio tends to infinity without losing the backlight due to OLED technology. Thin glass, bright colors and high clarity create the impression that the tablet really costs several times more expensive. At first glance, the screen here is the same as that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

    However, the colors are slightly oversaturated and notbalanced, again the reason in OLED technology. The maximum brightness here is slightly less than 300 nits, which is twice lower than that of the iPad Pro 10.5 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5. When the brightness is below 75%, the work of pulse-width modulation appears, the frequency is 238 Hz, which is too low. If you are sensitive to flickering displays, then avoid prolonged use of such a gadget.

    X-Rite colorimeter showed that the Alldocube screenaccurately displays shades of gray and has a good color reproduction in general. But, red and green are displayed too inaccurately at any level of illumination. For a budget tablet, the color temperature is good here, but the actual color accuracy is not at the level of top devices.

    Fortunately, this does not greatly affect games or multimedia. The viewing angles are wider here than in a conventional IPS panel. At sharp levels, colors are not strongly distorted, and the contrast is always high.

    CPU performance

    Alldocube X tablet got outdatedsix-core processor Mediatek MT8176, released on 28 nm technology. Let me remind you that most new brethren already receive 10 nm processors. As for performance, Geekbench showed results comparable to the Snapdragon 625 (14 nm). In browser tests like Octane, the results were high and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Subjectively, the performance of the MT8176 is quiteEnough for smooth system operation. Most low-cost Chinese competitors, like the Chuwi HiPad, exhibit frame loss and latency during operation. This becomes more noticeable when scrolling through long web pages, multitasking and waking up the device. So X from Alldocube turned out to be a good middle class device.

    ROM performance

    Memory performance is average ifcompare with eMMC and UFS modules in other tablets. Especially slowly, Alldocube works with random reading and writing of blocks of 4 KB - the speed is only 12 Mbit / s. Huawei MediaPad T5 10 in the same test AndroBench shows a speed of 76 Mbps. But, the speed of working with a microSD card here is comparable with competitors.

    How is he in the games?

    PowerVR GX6250 - it's frankly budgetthe graphics that lit up in Amazon Fire HD 10 and Acer Iconia Tab 10. This accelerator is able to run demanding games at 30-60 fps, and Asphalt 9 confirms this.

    During the game, artifacts were noticeable, becauseThis screen has a higher resolution than is supported by the game itself. In less demanding names based on sprites, I did not notice such problems.

    Communication and GPS

    The tablet connects seamlessly to a Wi-Fi 802 network.11ac. But, the data transfer rate of Alldocube is lower than that of more expensive competitors. Although it does not affect the streaming video. Bluetooth 4.0 is available for connecting wireless devices. As for GPS and navigation, it is not here.

    Fingerprint scanner

    Fingerprint scanner placed on the sideSide Alldocube X. It works exactly, but not as fast as the top gadgets. The main problem of the sensor is rather in its not the most convenient location than the speed of reading.

    To unlock X, you have to take it in your hands in landscape orientation - that's how it is more convenient to wake up the tablet using a fingerprint.

    Cameras and photos

    Both main and front cameras Alldocube Xturned out to be 8 megapixel. Like most budget tablets, the quality of shooting here leaves much to be desired. Even under normal conditions, photographs turned out to be grainy and overexposed, with severe loss of detail and inaccurate color reproduction.

    Stereo sound speakers

    Stereo speakers in X (installed 2-pcs.) turned out to be very loud at maximum levels, and without the reverberation effect. There is definitely not enough low frequencies here, although the overall sound quality is comparable to middle-class Android tablets.

    Autonomy Alldocube X

    The battery life of this tablet is notis surprising. Despite the battery capacity of 8000 mAh, the average indicator goes out. In the standard test, this Alldocube lasted 4.5 hours. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Huawei MediaPad T5 10 showed here at least twice the best result.

    Apparently, such non-outstanding battery performance is associated with the excessive power consumption of an outdated processor or non-optimized software.


    Alldocube has promised to create a goodtablet for $ 270 (17 000 p.) And that she did. Alldocube X is equipped with a 10.5-inch AMOLED display, like the Galaxy Tab S4 is more than twice as expensive. This is surprising because the device is far superior in quality to most models in its price range.

    Fast response time, deep black colors,An accurate fingerprint scanner and a very thin frame are all very rare for this price class. There are drawbacks if it is too critical to consider this gadget. Maybe the screen and design here and the price is twice as high, however, everything else is like a budget class.

    Pretty weird balance, isn't it? But my first impressions are positive.

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