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China has experienced an outbreak of bubonic plague

More recently, we wrote that in hospitalstwo people turned to the Chinese city of Beijing and they were given a terrible and seemingly impossible diagnosis in the modern world - the bubonic plague. The country's authorities assured that people should not be afraid of the spread of a deadly disease, but the other day it became known about another infected person. He became a 55-year-old resident of China, who is already undergoing treatment in one of the local hospitals, and the people who contacted him were found, isolated and are under close medical supervision. New details about the plague in China told Reuters.

You can get the plague in the XXI century

We mentioned earlier that the plague is divided intothree types - bubonic, septic and pulmonary. The most common of them is the bubonic and this particular variety struck the body of another resident of China. This disease is known to be transmitted from rodents and fleas infected with Yersinia pestis bacteria. The main sign of the disease is the appearance on the human body of the so-called buboes, which are swollen lymph nodes.

Chinese people fall ill with bubonic plague

The man who went to the hospital is most likelycontracted the plague while eating poorly fried rabbit meat. The fact is that rabbits also belong to the group of rodents, since they have a common origin with mice and rats. Therefore, this animal may also be infected with the bacteria Yersinia pestis, which can be transmitted to it from fleas. Whether the third case of plague in China is connected with the previous three, doctors still cannot say for sure.

DNA samples told about the relationship of rodents and rabbits

Researchers have found that recentlythe patient was in close contact with a group of 28 people. All were found and isolated to prevent the spread of infection. At the moment, they are under the supervision of doctors and at the time of writing, no symptoms of the disease were found in them. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there is no danger of the spread of the disease - people who have been contacted by two other people suffering from plague may be infected.

The cause of the plague

It is noteworthy that this is far from the first case.plague outbreaks in China over the past 10 years. In 2014, the Chinese authorities had to isolate part of the city of Yumen because a 38-year-old man died there due to the bubonic plague. The carrier of the disease was an infected groundhog, which a resident of the city fed his dog. After his death, more than 150 people were quarantined and for a long time were also under the supervision of doctors.

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Most likely, a new outbreak of bubonic plague is associatedwith an increase in the number of rodents. The population of mice, rats and rabbits could increase due to prolonged droughts in China caused by climate change.

In fact, today the number of deaths frombubonic plague is minimal. This variety was the first of its kind to be treated with vaccines and serums. Over time, the plague began to be treated with antibiotics and, if the treatment process was started on time, almost all infected people were cured sooner or later. But earlier, faith in Satan helped people protect themselves from the plague.