Our civilization may disappear in 2050

Stories about the end of the world are as old as the world. Try to remember how many times in recent years the world should have sunk into oblivion. We believe that there will be many cases. From the predictions of Nostradamus about the end of everything in August 1999, to the Mayan prophecy of the end of times in 2012 and the fall of the mysterious planet Nibiru to Earth at any time. But can it be that you and I are so used to stories about the end of the world that we no longer take them seriously? Recently, scientists published a study whose results state that our civilization will reach the point of no return by 2050. According to scientists, the situation is much worse than we can imagine.

Humanity may disappear in 2050

How many years do we have left?

The situation is that we are talking about the most frighteningscientific report to date. Scientists at Breakthrough: National Center for Climate Restoration Analytical Center conducted an analysis that suggested that efforts be made similar to emergency mobilization during World War II. The measures taken should be aimed at avoiding disasters associated with the scenario described in the study. And among the various threats facing us today, there is a high probability that human civilization will fall by 2050.

In other words, climate change onin fact, much worse than is commonly believed. The central thesis of the article is that climatologists' forecasts are too limited. Climate change will affect the planet in the near future, and the current climate crisis is larger and more complex than anything that our species have encountered before.

Abandoned cars - a typical picture for the end of the world

General climate models such as modelused by an international team of scientists at the United Nations Climate Change in 2018 to predict a global temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius, did not take into account the complexity of many interconnected geological processes on the planet. The fact is that such models cannot adequately predict the scale of all possible consequences. The authors of the study say that the truth is much worse than any model can demonstrate.

How will the world change?

Study authors considered the darkestscenario of all possible events. It begins with the fact that all world leaders continue to “politely ignore” statements by scientists about global climate change and, first of all, about the need to reduce emissions, and also are in no hurry to find alternative energy sources. Such inaction of the heads of state will lead to an increase in average temperature by 3 degrees Celsius by 2050.

Cities of the future may look like this

By this time, the ice sheets on the planet are completelywill disappear, and droughts and fires will finally destroy the "light planets" - the jungle of the Amazon. Our planet will become hotter, and life is more dangerous. 35% of the land area and 55% of the planet’s population will be exposed to more than 20 days of deadly heat per year, and this, as you know, exceeds the human survival threshold.

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Raising the temperature will causeclimate refugees, along with a sharp decrease in the availability of food and water. Armed conflicts over resources are highly likely, and it is possible that a nuclear war will culminate. Human civilization, as we know it, will sink into oblivion.

Can a catastrophe be avoided?

Meanwhile, droughts, floods and forest firesregularly devastate our planet. Almost a third of the earth’s surface in the world becomes a desert. Forest fires in Siberia and the Amazon, the destruction of ecosystems, the death of coral reefs, environmental pollution and the melting of Arctic ice make the predictions of scientists extremely plausible.

If carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, the end of civilization will inevitably await us.

To avoid disaster, the global communityshould immediately recognize the fact of climate change and take emergency measures, as happens in emergency situations. According to the authors of the article, humanity has about ten years left to implement the global transition of the world economy to a system with zero carbon emissions.

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Admiral Chris Barry supports the new document -retired Australian chief of defense and senior royal fleet commander. Barry testified before the Australian Senate about the destructive opportunities that climate change presents for national security and the welfare of human civilization. Do you think we are doomed?