Otto Aviation company presents to the world a unique aircraft in the shape of a bullet (4 photos)

The American company Otto Aviation is preparing fortests of an unusual passenger aircraft, made in the form of a bullet, with a rare type of propeller and unique flight characteristics that distinguish it from competitors. The network has already lit photos of the prototype.

The news came from the portal The Drive, byInformation source of the aircraft looks a bit futuristic: the body has the appearance of a "winged bullet", and in the back of the fuselage is a pushing screw. In addition, the unusual appearance of the aircraft gives the propeller.

Celera 500 L (this name was given to the aircraft)compares favorably with its competitors in that, developing a speed of up to 820 km / h at an altitude of up to 19.8 km, it has low fuel consumption, only about 4 liters per 48-68 kilometers of flight. It is up to 10 times more economical than all the others. The plane can take off from any airfield, difficult weather conditions for it is not a hindrance. It was developed for commercial flights.

Aircraft Celera 500 L can use privateairlines for transportation of corporate clients. Comfortable cabin has a pleasant pastime in flight. To control the aircraft need only one pilot.
Date of entry of the Celera 500L in operation is still unknown.

Source: thedrive