OtterSpot Modular Rapid Charge Dock

Efficient charging of smartphones isan essential condition for the normal life of a modern person, who is completely dependent on the performance of his gadget. Developers are offering increasingly sophisticated and convenient ways to recharge energy for smartphones. OtterBox introduced a device that integrates the capabilities of a mobile power bank and wireless charging technology. Now the consumer can get rid of extra wires and quietly use wireless charging to charge Apple, Samsung, Google and other devices that support Qi technology.

New OtterSpot Charge lets you chargesimultaneously up to three batteries supporting Qi standard for wireless charging. Several batteries are simply laid out on the dock one on top of the other and expect to be fully charged. The batteries are equipped with LED indicators that show 4 levels of battery charge.

The capacity of portable Qi batteries is small -5000 mAh, but the presence of a convenient and efficient charging station with a power of 10 W, allows you to always have an additional power source. The docking station has a USB Type-C connector for charging mobile devices that do not support wireless charging.

OtterSpot comes in a kit that includes: Docking station, one wireless charging battery, USB AC cable (0.5 m), USB CC cable (1.2 m) and 36 W adapter. Optional batteries for wireless charging are sold separately.